This WWII Canadian War Bride photoshoot, is one of the BIGGEST Projects I’ve undertaken in a while. It involved TWELVE different background settings and each one had it’s own specific lighting. Even the outdoor images had studio strobes accenting the scene and the subject. It took about 5 hours to photograph, and it was all done in one day. I had to plan out every potential shot and also the order in which each scene would be photographed.

I encourage you to VIEW on a DESK TOP or IPAD to see all the images in their Full Splendour. Also Take Your Time – as it is a very long but eye-catching blog post.


To REFRESH YOUR MEMORY regarding how this shoot came about – and what it’s all about – PLEASE VIEW the ABOVE short VIDEO.

It’s all about the BOOK entitled, “So Your Husband’s Gone To War” – and how it Inspired this photo shoot.

Many thanks to my former client and model – Samantha Hawkins – who drove in from Ontario to spend the day on this shoot.

She also brought her mom Cheryl, who assisted greatly by holding various lighting stands on the outdoor scenes.

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This photo shoot is a visual/artistic look at what women were doing while their husbands were off at war. I’ve included some actual articles and ads to provide actual glimpses of that era.


war time wedding planning

Actual WW2 ad that our lady/wife may have looked at back in the 1940s.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #1 – The Groceries


1940s housewife manitoba ww2

ww2 canadian ration book

Before our war bride can do any household shopping, she of course must check her WWII RATION BOOK.

These were issued in Canada during WW2 – and this is the “Real McCoy”.

Our lovely housewife would have a series of food stamps in the booklet that were to be used on a weekly basis for a variety of food staples.

There were also booklets issued for gasoline and clothing as well.


vintage food rationing ad

Vintage Food Rationing ad for Women on the Homefront.


clothes rationing ww2

Clothing Rationing ad – Coupons Required – “Ready To Wear Air-Raid Overalls”.


vintage housewife 1940s photography winnipeg

ww2 manitoba wife shopping

Looks like we’ve caught Samantha after her trip to the local grocery store. No Big Box Stores at that time.

She seems to have been able to purchase at least one full paper bag full of groceries.

She also manages to look very stylish in doing so. Back in the 1940’s people always dressed up whenever they left the house. Lovely outfit, gloves and purse complete her look.

ALL of the OUTFITS, PROPS, ACCESSORIES, are provided by my studio for this posting.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #2 – Cooking Up A Storm


winnipeg pinup girl housewife

After getting all her essential groceries, it’s time for our housewife to make some lunch.

Samantha looks real at home here in our 1940’s kitchen scene, as she decides what to cook up for herself.

A lot of women during this time period were cooking for one person, while their husband was away at war.

Of course some women did have children to look after as well.


1940s cooking recipes ww2

Article on Eating Healthy and Cooking Recipes during WW2. Ewwww – carrots!


winnipeg pinup mom cooking photography

wwII canadian war bride photography

Loved how this closeup image turned out of Samantha!

She’s got a smile on her face as she looks at the War Time Canning recipes.

Samantha styled her own hair and makeup for this shoot, which turned out superbly.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #3 – Exercise / Recreation


WW2 era bicycle ad

WW2 era Bicycle ad specifically for Women.


vintage pepsi pinup girl manitoba

vintage wwII fashion bicycle steinbach

All Work and No Play, makes Samantha a dull girl.

She knows this, and makes time for some 1940’s recreation with her Vintage Bicycle.

She also has time to replenish herself with a refreshing Pepsi.


ww2 era bike advertisement women

Love the pricing and Payment Plan available in the 1940s.


pinup soda girl photographer WPG

ww2 canadian war bride bicycle

Exercise wasn’t as common place for a WWII Canadian War Bride in the 1940’s as it is nowadays for women.

However one of the most common and cheaply available forms of exercise and recreation was bicycling in the neighbourhood.

Samantha shows off her cycling skills as she races down her driveway.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #4 – Ugh, The Laundry


wwII housewife laundry photoshoot

1950s pinup model photo shoot

A woman’s work is never done – and in this case Samantha knows she still has laundry to do.

War brides of the 1940’s had less laundry to do, as there was rationing on clothing, plus the husband’s clothes just sat in the closet.

No indoor dryers for this WWII War bride. She hangs up her clean laundry on the outdoor clothesline.


manitoba beautiful vintage model photography

If you take a moment to ever pay attention to your neighbour’s backyards, you’ll likely realize that outdoor clotheslines have largely disappeared.

Though in this current age of conservation, I do believe they are making a bit of a comeback.

Samantha looks very happy knowing she’s being good to her 1940’s environment.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #5 – Feeling Feminine in The Afternoon


manitoba sexy vintage boudoir photography

winnipeg vintage boudoir photographer

After a whole morning of household chores, this War Bride was feeling a little romantic.

Though her hubby is off at war, she still wants to feel like a desirable woman, and dresses the part.

The lingerie of this time period was a little more conservative then nowadays – but still very classy and beautiful.

Add a glass of wine, and our 1940’s housewife is looking “very fine”.


1940s lingerie ad women

Vintage 1940’s lingerie ad showcasing that “bullet bra” look.


canadian sexy housewife boudoir

manitoba pinup boudoir 1950s photographer

All I can say is WOW! That hubby of hers is sure to race home after the war, if he sees these photos.

Samantha was absolutely amazing to work with in this huge project. She maintained a positive fun energy which shows in all her photos.

This particular scene was inspired by a photo I saw of Elizabeth Taylor from a movie scene.

She was standing in the living room in her vintage lingerie, giving that coy “look”.

I think Samantha out performed “Elizabeth” in this case!


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #6 – “Being a Rosie Riveter”


ww2 women working ad canada

Motivational ad during WW2 for Women to work outside the home.


rosie the riveter pinup photographer

rosie the riveter winnipeg pinup

While the husbands were off at WWII, the women provided a valuable service to the War Effort as well.

Many of them worked in various factories which supplied a variety of important military products.

Our WWII Canadian War Bride – Samantha – shows off her factory skills at this 1940’s job site.


women ww2 ad work

Another WW2 ad directed to women at home.


vintage pinp mechanic manitoba photographer

retro 1940s female mechanic

Women also applied their mechanical abilities at home as well.

If a War Bride was lucky enough to have a vehicle, she may have had to do many repairs herself in order to save money.

Samantha looks like she’s about ready to take apart that “thing-a-ma-jig” under the hood.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #7 – Relaxing “Me Time”


manitoba housewife portrait 1950s

No TV’s, Internet, Netflix for this 1940’s Housewife.

She relaxes in her living room while reading THE BOOK that inspired this whole shoot.

She also has her favourite program tuned on the radio, and a photo of her loving husband sits near by.


ww2 housewife reading portrait

1940s canadian romance locket

Many of the housewives of the 1940s had to spend a lot of their free time alone.

Reading the latest “Star Weekly”, kept them up on all the current news.

This War Bride keeps her hubby close to her, in a special locket he gave her prior to shipping off to war.


pinup girl telephone gossip steinbach

Samantha also spends some of her “Me Time” chatting on the phone – if she can get through on the Party Line.

Party Lines were very common back in the 1940’s. A number of families would share the same line, but have a different number.

When the phone rang, it would ring in everyone’s house – but each family had a specific ring tone, so you knew if it was for you.

Of course, eavesdropping was also a common form of entertainment back then as well – haha.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #8 – Dressmaking & Mending Clothes


sewing patterns 1940s

Example of actual Sewing Patterns available in the 1940s


winnipeg ww2 housewife sewing photography

vintage manitoba dressmaker sewing housewife

Due to the Ration Books that were issued during WW2, women at the Homefront often had to make do with what they had.

Sewing and dressmaking were skills that were quite prevalent amongst the ladies of the 1940’s.

This meant creating your own stylish outfits from various Pattern Books, as well as mending your current apparel.

The Military “fashion look” became a common style on a variety of women’s dresses from that time period.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #9 – Dressing Up And Socializing


women 1940s ad fashion

Fashion advertisement for the women during 1940.


manitoba vintage style fashion model

vintage vogue fashion style photography winnipeg

Looks like Samantha was able to create a stunning Black dress with Ivory accents. She is a whizz with her sewing machine!

Here she poses with her 1940’s hat and looks like a beautiful fashion model.

All ready to go out and socialize at the local lady’s club.

According to the book, “So Your Husband’s Gone To War”, – many of the women had to be WARY of the “WOLVES”, (term for aggressive males socializing at that time).


ww2 fashion ad

A peek into the fashions of 1943 from a newspaper article.


manitoba vintage style photographer

1940s ww2 fashion outfit steinbach

winnipeg 1940s 1950s fashion style

Was this the same girl that was under the hood of that car? You betcha! Women of the 1940s could pretty much do it all.

This posting is a tribute to all the amazing and brave women from the WWII time period, that assisted in the War Effort either at home or abroad.

Samantha is a great representative for this extensive photography project, as she is gifted with a multitude of skills.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #10 – Personal Grooming & Looking Beautiful


women beauty ad 1940s

Interesting article during the 1940s on beauty tips for women.


manitoba vintage boudoir lingerie model

bedroom boudoir vintage style manitoba

I was able to create a 1940’s looking bedroom/beauty area that was an important part of a women’s lifestyle.

I even had a lovely Vintage Gown that fit Samantha perfectly. Though somewhat conservative, it still looks so gorgeous and classy.

The bright red lipstick was the fashion trend of the time period.


beauty ads women working ww2

Beauty tips for those WW2 era Women who were working “outside the home”.


empowering vintage boudoir photography winnipeg

vintage stockings lingerie 1940s

empowering women manitoba photographer boudoir

Large dresser mirrors were the norm during the 1940’s. The circular mirror has such a stunning visual presence.

Ladies would often tape photos on their mirror of their “loved ones”, as well as pictures of their favourite movie stars.

I should mention LADIES – that if YOU DESIRE a UNIQUE VINTAGe STYLE BOUDOIR session – this setting would be perfect. Outfits also provided for FREE.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #10 – Letter Writing


ww2 romance photo 1940s love

Letter writing was a huge pastime for men and women during the 1940’s. Sending photos through the mail to their loved ones, kept many relationships close.

Here, Samantha writes a lovely sentiment on her photo, which she will send to her husband who if off fighting at The Front.

She seals the photo with a Kiss.

*    *    *


winnipeg vintage faux vogue cover model

Looks like our lovely Wartime Housewife managed to grace the Cover of Vogue Magazine – London Edition.

She’s keeping her “hubby” close to her heart – as she wears the beloved locket in her photo.

That concludes this WWII Canadian War Bride Photoshoot posting.

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