It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and that means featuring our Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl Photo Shoot.

I recently had an epic Christmas Themed Pinup Session with multiple sets and outfits, in order to showcase what is available for YOU – The Client. 

NOTE: I named this posting with “Winnipeg” in the title, but it’s really for anyone in Southern Manitoba!


– New Publishing Record: Model Published in 4 Different Magazines –


Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl – Set #1 – Santa North Pole – Portions PUBLISHED in Rocket Magazine

manitoba christmas pinup photography

“Baby it’s cold outside,” – just ask our sultry model Sabrina – who goes by the stage name of Hazel Roots.

This set features an antique mailbox prop along with the pinup girl dressing up like a sexy Santa Claus.

The snow of course was added via photoshop, as we like to keep our pinup girls comfortable.


christmas pinup theme photography manitoba

I edited all the images from this Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl set, in both a “Snow” and a “Non-Snow” style. I’ll be displaying both, so you can see the two versions and decide on what you would like for YOUR SESSION.

Another available Christmas prop is our Vintage Style Santa Sack. There are an abundance of poses available with this prop alone.

While looking at these various images, imagine yourself EXPERIENCING this exciting session. It’s all about the Experience – with the bonus being Your STUNNING IMAGES.


winnipeg xmas pinup girl

The blizzard is back at the North Pole, but Sabrina doesn’t seem to mind.

She’s holding her first Letter-To-Santa, and I guess someone knows Sabrina all too well – as it’s suggesting she might have been naughty this year.

If you feel you were “Nice” this year – we of course have those envelopes ready for your own Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl shoot.


sexy santa north pole photographer
wpg sexy santa photographer

Hey Ladies – wouldn’t your partner just love a set of Sexy Santa Pinup photos?

It’s like a Boudoir session, but a little more playful and with a Vintage Flair. YOU DECIDE on how “sassy” or conservative you want your poses and outfits to be.

That’s all decided well ahead of time in a confidential consultation. We will go over themes; poses; props; outfits and more for your Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl shoot. 

Your session will FIT YOUR PERSONALITY!


vintage pinup Christmas card photography

Had some fun with this last image. Created a fun message that I came up with when I saw Sabrina’s expression.

As a client, I can add personal messages on to your photo if you desire. It’s all part of the custom service I provide.

Many thanks to the talented Hairstylist who created Sabrina’s wonderful pinup hair – namely Ari Kowalchuk. She was even on scene at the session to do minor touch-ups.

You can find her on Instagram as lunastonesfx.


Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl – Set #2 – Xmas Fireplace – Portions PUBLISHED in Delicious Dolls Magazine

canadian retro pinup model

The SECOND set of the Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl shoot was done in a Vintage Christmas Living Room scene. 

Featuring a full scale Fireplace, a decorated Xmas Tree, Stockings, and of course a few presents. This is available for ALL CLIENTS.

Here Sabrina is filling her own Vintage Styled real stocking with a few choice gifts.


manitoba xmas boudoir photographer

implied nude xmas boudoir manitoba

Notice that in this set, we changed Sabrina’s outfit and shoes.

We went with an all red lingerie look, to match the Christmas Theme.

The second image showcases a more “sassy” styled pose that some of our client’s may enjoy.

The implied nude photo is still classy sexy, but adds a bit more fun naughtiness to the shot.


canadian christmas scene model

A beautiful close-up boudoir style pose for our Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl.

The shallow depth of field draws your attention to Sabrina’s alluring eyes and feminine form.

What partner wouldn’t want this as a personal sexy Christmas Card?


winnipeg pinup photographer boudoir pose

This was my personal favourite photo of the entire session with Sabrina.

Her look and pose just seem to “pop” in this shot. It’s really “Pinup Perfect”!

Speaking of poses…client’s DO NOT require any EXPERIENCE in POSING.

I will guide you through the most flattering and fun poses  to make your session memorable.


Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl – Set #3 – Frosty Winter – Portions PUBLISHED in Pinup Kulture Magazine

winnipeg winter pinup snowman photography

Our Set #3 is a very sexy Christmas Winter Scene with our “Frosty The Snowman” prop.

We also have that cute red scarf, ear muffs, mitts, and even faux snowballs to complete your wintery pinup shoot.

As well we changed up the lingerie outfit here, adding the candy-stripe stockings and the implied nude topless “look”.


manitoba frosty snowman boudoir

Sabrina is showing “Frosty” a bit of love in this pose. I’m pretty sure that this was when Frosty started to melt in the studio…haha.


vintage pinup snowball fight winnipeg

Frosty and Sabrina are challenging us all to a vintage snowball fight.


winnipeg winter pinup photographer

A Classic pinup pose for Sabrina in her wintery Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl shoot.


steinbach winter boudoir photographer

Another fun pinup pose of Sabrina cuddling with “Frosty”.

This particular set could be used for a VALENTINES DAY gift idea, as it’s more of a winter set then a Christmas set. 

All you LADIES out there – keep it in mind – that if you wanted a sexy pinup Valentines Day session – it MUST BE BOOKED in January.


Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl – Set #4 – Bad Santa – Portions PUBLISHED in Top Hat Dolls Magazine

winnipeg sexy bad santa pinup

This is our last “Main” set and is themed as a Sexy Bad Santa Pinup shoot.

Available for ALL CLIENTS. Comes with Mug-Shot Background; Santa Cap; Your Choice of lingerie top/cover; Message Board with custom message.


bad santa pinup model manitoba

pinup santa mugshot canadian bachelorette

This Bad Santa Mugshot set is an easy session to set up, and is a very unique idea.

I have a number of smaller props to pose with, and then we had some fun pinup poses and expressions to complete your look.


wpg pinup jail mugshot bachelorette photography

sexy bachelorette party xmas idea

Choose to give that confident “bad-ass” look, like in the first image…or a “I’m having a blast” look, as in the second shot.

This session is also available as a BACHELORETTE PHOTO PARTY THEME during the Christmas Season.


Winnipeg Xmas Pinup Girl – Dynamic Portrait Image

winnipeg dynamic portrait photographer

If you are looking for something Very Unique, I can design a CUSTOM DYNAMIC PORTRAIT for you – with a Pinup Theme.

We just did the ONE photo, as this style of Lighting does take some time to create.

I recently upgraded my dynamic lighting skills by attending a special portrait workshop with the World Renowned Chris Knight of Chris Knight Photography.

This style of light and shadows is available for Regular Portraits as well.

manitoba vintage pinup christmas card

That concludes my Winnipeg and Manitoba Xmas Pinup Girl posting. I thought I’d finish it off with a customized Vintage Christmas card featuring Sabrina –  aka Hazel Roots.

This customized Xmas Card can be added to anyone’s Pinup Xmas Session, giving you the ability to print off ONE or many of these sexy cards for your partner or admirers.

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