It’s been officially 100 years since the original “Roaring 20’s” began. So in celebration of that bygone era, I have created a brand new Winnipeg Roaring Twenties Flappers Gangsters Photo Sessions. This is one of my most ambitious and creative sessions yet devised – which means some amazing images and options for all the clients. This set is available for Singles – Couples – Women – Men.


winnipeg roaring twenties

In this Winnipeg Roaring Twenties Flappers Gangsters set, we are celebrating everything from the decadent era of the original 1920s.

For the ladies, we will start of by providing FREE Flapper and other 1920s style dresses and outfits. I have a variety of sizes from SMALL to 3XL. We won’t stop there, as we also provide FREE use of Accessories like Opera Gloves; Head Pieces; Jewellery; Boas; Hats and so much more.


manitoba flapper girl

1920s flapper model

roaring twenties flapper

We also have a variety of Props for the Ladies as well. This would include items such as vintage makeup compacts; cigarette holders; faux alcoholic drinks; faux fur wraps; and so much more.

I wish to thank my two promo models – “Ben” – and my good friend, “Mercede” – for assisting me in showcasing you all these amazing images and ideas.

These first few images are super fun Winnipeg Roaring Twenties Studio Portraits. I will add some fun 1920s backgrounds to complete the look, and you will have a stunning final image. These are uncomplicated to create, and yet look so beautiful.


peaky blinders actor

winnipeg twenties gangsters

Ben is here showcasing a 1920’s “poor boy” gangster look for this Winnipeg Roaring Twenties sessions.

This is one of two Gangster Clothing Styles I have for the Men. I will supply the FREE Hats and Suspenders to create this tough guy appearance. I also have a large inventory of faux firearms that are available for this vintage session. A variety of handguns, plus a vintage shotgun, and the Glorious Tommy Gun.


speakeasy girl manitoba

lady bartender vintage

flapper gangster wpg

We now move to our SPEAKEASY SET, that is straight out of the 1920s.

I have a vintage Bar and stools, to create all sorts of fun interactive poses for both the Flapper Girl and the Cool Guy. The Men can be positioned as either Patrons, or as a Bartender in this case.

Perfect for COUPLES to interact and Spark some ROMANCE. Flirting, as well as Kissing and Hugging are allowed.

This is the era of Prohibition, so this Speakeasy Set is perfect for any client’s 1920’s shoot.


winnipeg roaring 20s

Hey fellas…be the ultra 1920’s cool – and take a ride with the TOMMY GUN! Be an Al Capone type gangster in this Winnipeg Roaring Twenties photo shoot.

Grab your favourite “Tomato” and hook up for some cool and sexy shots like the one above. Be the ultimate 20’s POWER COUPLE.

I have a bunch of Fedoras for the gentlemen. Just bring a white button-down shirt and a dark suit, and we will have you “taking over the city” in no time.


twenties mobster couple

winnipeg gangster moll

There are so many fun and creative poses that a Couple can do in this Winnipeg Roaring Twenties photo shoot.

Full length, or closeups – both are stunning and would make a great anniversary or birthday gift. Just bring that ATTITUDE and I will do the rest with lighting and camera lens.

This would even make a fabulous gift JUST FOR YOURSELF! A super fun Time Travel Experience and your EGO will get a BOOST as well. You won’t believe how good you will look in your photos.


1920s bathing suit

winnipeg flapper bathing suit

manitoba flappers twenties bathing suit

Going to the Beach was such a Grand Event in the 1920’s. Of course women looked a bit different then they do now.

Why not throw on a vintage style 1920s bathing suit and pose like a flirty flapper in your Winnipeg Roaring Twenties photo shoot?

We can add a few fun beach props, like the umbrella, the beach ball, or even a beach lounger if you so desire.

As a Nationally Accredited Studio Portrait Photographer with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC) – I will create lighting and poses that flatter your soul.


roaring twenties gambler

wpg 1920s speakeasy gambling

The 1920’s was a decade of decadence and that meant Gambling Houses abound.

Let me take you to my own Roaring Twenties Gambling Establishment for some exciting images. Play some Black Jack; Poker; or even Roll the Dice.

We can have you as a “Player” or as  Dealer in this setting. Another perfect idea for Couples to interact with.


1920s tennis playerDuring the Winnipeg Roaring Twenties, the men and women enjoyed many leisure activities, including Tennis.

I have a few Argyle sweaters for Women and Men and some Vintage Rackets that will definitely provide a 1920s vibe.

I should mention that if clients desire Professional Hair and Makeup – that it is an added cost – but is an available option.

You can also certainly do makeup and possibly your hair by yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a perfect 1920’s hairstyle. With the right clothing and accessories – you will look like a Flapper.


roaring twenties singer

The final Winnipeg Roaring Twenties option is to be a Vintage Jazz Singer.

I have an authentic 1920’s style Spring Microphone that will certainly create that perfect “look” – as you can see here with Mercede. Men can also partake in this set as well.

I really don’t think you will find another photographer in Manitoba or possibly Canada that will be able to provide such an authentic and exciting 1920’s TIME TRAVEL Experience AND give you such stunning images.



roaring twenties magazine

I am proud to announce that this particular set was PUBLISHED in a 4 page spread in the March 2020 Issue of Bombshell Magazine, which is based out of the U.K. You can purchase copies by going to their Facebook page and getting the link to their website.

Contact me NOW for your own amazing Unique photo shoot.

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Here is the BLACK and WHITE Video version of my 1920’s Promo Session.

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