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As a recap, this Winnipeg Photographer WW2 Engagement Photography project will not be my studio’s usual posting of a fabulous Vintage Style photo shoot. Instead, as an artist I wanted to create a new experience. This led me to photograph a session in an editorial style – to showcase a vintage fairy tale.

The story is a staged WW2 Couple’s Engagement and end-of-war reunion with a Winnipeg setting. Shot at the Winnipeg Railway Museum, the Union Station, and The Forks. Due to the large amount of photos involved in relating this story, the entire session will be divided into 2 extensive Parts. Part 1 is very editorial in style, while this portion has a more standard posed look.

Note: If you are viewing this session – and have NOT SEEN Part 1 – I encourage you to go to my Home Page and scroll down to see Part 1 first.


locomotive train couples romance

The Countess of Dufferin Locomotive

In Part 1 we saw our Sailor telephone his awaiting “love”, telling her the War was over and he was coming home.

They were to meet at the Winnipeg Train Depot. Both needed to travel on the railway to reach their destination.

The couple has finally reunited and they are now enjoying “the moment” at the Winnipeg Railway Depot.


winnipeg photographer engagement photography

This huge Editorial Style Vintage photo shoot came together as a result of some very talented people, who donated their time and skills to make this happen.

Models: Courtney Mandock and her real life boyfriend, Tyler Phill.

Vintage Hairstyling: Cristina Mazzei of Urban Crush Salon

Vintage Makeup: Karla Chin of Karla Chin Makeup Artistry


ww2 vintage couples photography

Tyler’s uniform, Courtney’s dress, and all the authentic vintage props provided from my studio’s prop inventory.

We stock the largest collection of Vintage Props and authentic military uniforms for any studio in Manitoba.

We offer unique and custom photo shoots for Couples or Individuals – and for any occasion.


winnipeg photographer ww2 engagement photography

“This vintage doll relaxes, while her sailor grabs his luggage and finds their automobile.”

This image was taken in the Union Station lobby which is right next to the Railway Museum.


vintage luggage winnipeg railway museum

Actual luggage cart with vintage cases in the Railway Museum.

Our sailor has found his baggage from the pile, and is now off locating his auto.


 winnipeg photographer vintage style model

“This image looks like a snapshot right out of 1945.”

The lighting in the lobby was technically different from the Train Museum settings.

I had encountered the vast and dimly lit train track area; the dim and confined railcar setting, and finally this lobby area.

Each required specific modifiers and settings to bring about the “feel” I was looking for.


1940s vintage hairstyle model

“Catching up on current affairs in the 1940’s.”

I need to give a Big Thank You to Doug Bell, President of the Winnipeg Railway Museum, as well as the staff that were working on the day of this shoot.

Everyone was so cordial and helpful.

If you haven’t visited the Winnipeg Railway Museum – I highly recommend it to everyone looking to Time Travel.


WPG couples engagement photographer

“A little clowning around before they take a drive”

This was one of my favourite “couple’s shots”.

 It really seemed to capture the excitement and vintage feel of a sailor and his girl, in the 1940’s.


retro nostalgia romance steinbach

“The lovely couple taking a romantic drive in their 1940’s Packard.”

 This shot was actually taken in a ’46 Packard Track Inspection car located in the Museum.

The wheels were converted to operate on the railway and was used by the Greater Winnipeg Water District.


WPG vintage lifestyle photographer

A colour version of our retro couple!


1946 packard track inspection car

This what the Packard actually looked like, sitting there sandwiched between train cars on 3 sides.

You can see how the tires were converted to a locomotive style wheel so as to run on the rails.

As a photographer I had to decide the angle, composition and lighting so as to reduce background distractions, and give the illusion of riding in an actual vehicle.


family photography vintage style steinbach

“Sailor Tyler has decided to stop at a local walkway near the train station for a bit of romance.”

The following images were taken outdoors in the midday sun at The Forks Market.

Taking photographs at this time of the day presents many unique challenges, including harsh light and shadows.

Off camera flash and modifiers were used to “tame the sun”.


vintage sailor military romance WPG

“The loving couple enjoying their first day together after the war.”

This portion of the shoot was on a Sunday afternoon, which meant The Forks was crowded with people and cars.

The obstacle from a vintage photography point of view, was to capture images that did not have any modern vehicles or contemporary clothed people in the background.


military ww2 Manitoba sailor photographer

“Cooling off with some malts from the soda shoppe.”

My studio has developed many unique vintage style editing “looks” that will enhance any retro photo shoot.

This particular style definitely has that nostalgic atmosphere.


sailor kiss ww2 the forks

“The best kiss is a vintage kiss.”

Did you know we have been Published 4 times this year in various Vintage Style U.S. Magazines?


the forks vintage architecture

Some wonderful vintage architecture in and around The Forks.


Winnipeg engagement proposal photographer

“Looks like Sailor Tyler has popped the question – after receiving that blissful kiss.”

This was a staged engagement proposal, for the purposes of this photo story.

Potential clients can see what the possibilities are from this breathtaking photo shoot.


engagement ring proposal photo shoot

“The jubilant retro doll, showing off her radiant ring”.


Winnipeg wedding photography ring

“A classic engagement style photo from our studio.”



Though Courtney and Tyler are not engaged, they posed perfectly for this image.

 Both their expressions radiate romance, and has a perfect “caught in the moment” vintage atmosphere.


1940s manitoba couple military camera

“After the proposal, the couple takes some home videos – vintage style of course”.

The 16mm camera is another authentic prop from our studio inventory.

At this point in the shoot we were about 3 1/2 hours in.


downtown nostalgic couples engagement

“A retro selfie”


vintage couple engagement embrace WPG

Another one of my favourite images from this project.

As stunning as Rita Hayworth looks – I think Courtney outshines her here!


pinup girl photography vintage sailor

This is another one of those images that, if I didn’t know better, was taken in 1945.

Part 2 of this Vintage Story has focused on many couple’s poses that are fabulous for vintage or contemporary sessions.

Call (204) 296-6647, or Email us for a FREE consultation – and let’s create something memorable for you! 


vintage train locomotive railcar Manitoba

Another stunning vintage train situated at The Forks.


pinup girl soda photography steinbach

“The lovely couple poses for the 1940’s paparazzi.”


navy sailor pinup girl photographer

I should mention that this entire shoot was done without a photographer’s assistant.

All lighting setups, light metering, posing, compositions, and staging was all created and calculated by this lone photographer.


romantic Winnipeg engagement photo shoot

Normally I wouldn’t have the scattered shadows falling on a model’s face.

But in this case – it actually added a unique quality to this image.


postwar Life magazine sailor kiss

I had a specific idea for this final image, in this Winnipeg Photographer WW2 Engagement Photography saga.

I wanted to re-create “the Sailor Kiss”, from the famous postwar Life Magazine image.

Though we weren’t in Time’s Square, I thought they did an impressive reenactment.

A Final THANK YOU to Courtney, Tyler, Cristina, and Karla for making this vision come true!

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