I want you all to TIME TRAVEL with me to the Summer of ’42, as we explore this beautiful outdoor Winnipeg Military Pinup Summer photo shoot.

It’s a warm, but extremely windy summer’s eve, and we are in Ste. Anne, Manitoba with the vintage lovely “Denae”, who is from Winnipeg.

My 12 year old son Willy is also here giving me a hand with equipment and props.

It’s so windy that he has to hold on tight to the studio lighting that I brought out to these scenes.


military pinup girl photoshoot steinbach

military pinup photography manitoba

Here is “Denae”, riding into our photo scene on this incredible vintage style military bicycle.

The editing for this session was done with both a clean colour edit, as well as a more vintage 1940’s look. See the above two photos for examples.

That bicycle you see belongs to my studio and is quite rare. Only a few in Canada I’m sure.

It’s from the Electra Bicycle Company, and was specially ordered in from the U.S. a few years ago. It’s modern, but styled after the Military Theme of WW2.

Checking their website, I see they don’t even make this model anymore. It’s a stunning bike, as you will see in some of the other photos.


beautiful ww2 pinup girl manitoba

wwII military model vintage photography

Denae’s shirt is military, and her jacket is an authentic vintage military issue as well.

We added a military costume garrison hat, and a black skirt that was of course much shorter then the actual 1940’s style, but more appropriate for a Pinup Shoot.

The stockings are real stockings that are held up in the vintage traditional way – via garter belt.

We threw in a few other vintage props, here and there as you will see in various images.


vintage 1940s magazine ad

We shot in three different locations in Ste. Anne, including this park like setting.

Denae relaxes during her Manitoba Military Pinup session by reading a 1940’s magazine.

If you can see the page in the magazine, it shows a WW2 soldier on the ground as part of the advertisement.


steinbach 1940s military pinup model

military vintage army girl

Here’s a peek at this 1940s vintage doll from a front view.

Denae basks in the warm summer sun of 1942 in a beautiful vintage scene.

My studio’s military styled bicycle is the perfect companion for this lovely pinup girl.

Looking at this photo, I swear I was really back in 1942 when I took this shot.


vintage summer pinup soldier manitoba

vintage canadian soldier model portrait

What Items Cost in 1942:

  • New House cost almost $38oo.00
  • Average Yearly wage was almost $2000.00
  • Gallon of Gas was 15 cents
  • New car was about $900.00
  • Bottle of Coke was 5 cents.


scenic manitoba 1940s summer day

manitoba summer outdoor photography

In this Winnipeg Military Pinup Summer of ’42, we see Denae relaxing with her vintage movie camera.

It’s an authentic 16mm camera and weighs a ton. It’s that “old school” craftsmanship from yesteryear.

We even added a RCAF bag to our shoot to give a nice 1940s touch to this scene.

This image was photographed with the sun as the key light, as it was giving that warm glow on the brick wall.


summer outdoor vintage portrait steinbach

vintage model movie camera photography

A closeup of our “vintage lovely” girl, just whiling away the hours in the Summer of ’42.

World War II Events During Our Military Pinup Summer of ’42:

  • The Battle of Midway begins on June 4th.
  • Gas Rationing in the U.S. begins with a 3 gallon/week allowance.
  • The K9 Corps begins training dog for use in WW2
  • Car makers stop making vehicles and start making War Materials


manitoba vintage bicycle model photoshoot

Back at our vintage motel location, Denae gives a striking pose a a Military Pinup Girl.

She’s ready to cruise around our town of Ste. Anne and make the young men’s heads turn.

Denae’s stunning vintage 1940s hairstyle is courtesy of another well known Winnipeg Pinup Girl – Fallon Wolkowski.

Fallon was the winner of the 2018 Miss Peg City Pinup Contest.

She was kind enough to lend her talents to style Denae’s hair for this shoot.


fun outdoor manitoba pinup photographer

top secret vintage photo shoot steinbach

Here’s our lovely Denae, who appears to be in the middle of delivering some Top Secret Documents for the military.

She wants you to keep it “hush hush,” as she secretly travels through the scenic park in Ste. Anne.

It’s all part of our Military Pinup Summer of ’42 photo shoot.

The vintage looking 1940s Secure Document Bag is a reproduction, but worked well as a fun prop.


sexy 1940s model pose canada

canadian summer outdoor military pinup

The sun was quickly setting on our photoshoot, so I had to take this shot quickly.

Love the warm sunshine as well as the pink tones in the sky.


Interesting Facts During Military Pinup Summer of ’42:

  • The Walt Disney Movie – Bambi premiered in August of 1942.
  • One of my favourite movies – Casablanca – also premiered during this year.
  • Duct Tape was invented by the U.S. Military (originally called Duck Tape).
  • U.S. President – Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Canada Prime Minister – Mackenzie King.  United Kingdom Prime Minister – Winston Churchill.
  • Instant Coffee was invented.


winnipeg retro ww2 pinup

military pinup summer girl manitoba

Hazy summer evening of ’42, as the sun’s light fills my camera lens and backlights Denae.

The vintage styled edit of this photo really worked well, and this could be a postcard from 1942.

For those of you (Women and Men) who love the Vintage Military Pinup “look” – My Studio has a HUGE INVENTORY of outfits and props for many sizes.

This would be a very unique and exciting experience for One Person or a Couple.

Imagine having your ENGAGEMENT SESSION styled in a 1940s vintage photo shoot just like this Military Pinup Summer of ’42 session.


country summer photo shoot manitoba

Famous People Born in 1942:

  • Harrison Ford – July 13th
  • Paul McCartney – June 18th
  • Barbara Streisand – April 24th
  • Calvin Klein – Nov. 19th
  • Jimi Hendrix – Nov.27th


vintage military model photographer winnipeg

Ste. Anne has an abundance of amazing outdoor locations available for any client’s Military or regular Pinup Session.

From a vintage style Motel backdrop (seen here), to several gorgeous park areas with a winding Seine river.

I can also photograph my clients in your own locale, or some meaningful location.

One of my all time favourite military styled pinup sessions was a Couples Shoot photographed at the Winnipeg Railway Museum.


winnipeg military pinup summer photography

vintage summer day pinup photography wpg

More Notable Events from 1942:

  • The United Nations is formed while WW2 rages on.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs Win the Stanley Cup
  • RCA Victor sprays Gold over Glenn Miller’s (million-dollar-seller) “Chattanooga Choo Choo” creating the first “Gold Record”.
  • A German U-boat in the St. Lawrence River torpedoes two freighters. This is the first time the war has come in to Canadian territory.
  • Canadian troops sustain major losses in raid on French port of Dieppe. Nearly 1,000 Canadians die & another 1,800 are taken prisoner.


retro bicycle model senior photography

With all the amazing Vintage Props and Uniforms I stock – a Military Pinup Summer (or Spring / Fall) shoot would be a Fabulous and UNIQUE Session for anyone.

Come Time Travel with me for THE EXPERIENCE!


manitoba summer sunset pinup photographer

winnipeg best pinup portrait photographer

We finish this Military Pinup Summer of 42 Time Travel shoot, with a warm hazy summer pic of Denae as she dreams of someone special.

She really looks like she’s back in 1942, taking a break from serving her country, to just enjoy a moment of peace.

If you would like to have YOUR OWN VINTAGE STYLED session – then CONTACT ME from my CONTACT PAGE.

To see more Military Styled Vintage Sessions, check out these postings from my Blog :

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Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Sports, Glamour, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits.

Our Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!


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