Being Nationally Accredited in Studio Photography with the Professional Photographers Of Canada, means I can create Exciting Dramatic images for all genres. Maternity Photography You Desire is all about a recent client session where the Lighting was Dramatic and Moody. Exactly what the client desired and exactly what YOU may want for your own Maternity Session.


dramatic maternity photography winnipeg

My lovely client desired a Simple Look, but with Dramatic Lighting and overall presentation.

I used a basic Grey Background for simplicity and then created some dramatic lighting and shadows with my studio strobes.

This Maternity Photography You Desire posting also emphasizes a Woman’s Lovely Maternity Form.


wpg pregnancy photography you desire

winnipeg maternity photography you desire

A woman is absolutely beautiful during pregnancy, though she may not feel like it all the time.

The dynamic lighting and shadows can be used to emphasize the beautiful body form of a woman during maternity.

Only one light was used to create this beautiful image.


artistic pregnant woman portrait

Sometimes a “far away” image looks fabulous as well for Maternity Photography You Desire.

This full body portrait of my client in a perfectly posed seated position will make a Stunning Wall Art image.

There are a variety of outfits, dresses, and lingerie that can be worn during a Maternity Session.

During the FREE Consultations, we will discuss what is best for each client’s vision and personality.


classic maternity dress photography

I actually had this dress in my inventory and it worked out perfectly for this client.

It fit her like a glove and was perfect in showing all her lovely Maternity curves.

A Classic Pose for Maternity Photography You Desire.


boudoir maternity pose wpg

If you are looking for a Dramatic Look to your Maternity Session AND want Stunning Images…

Then CONTACT my studio to BOOK YOUR own photo shoot.

Later in years, you will look fondly back at this special time and how you celebrated your pregnancy with a photo session.


seated pose sexy maternity photography

This session was kept quite simple but yet effective – and EXACTLY what the client wanted.

For maternity photography you desire – if you wish a more Light and Airy approach – then that is possible as well.

I have a huge assortment of Backgrounds and furniture to create a wide assortment of images for any client.


standing manitoba maternity portrait

I have TWO STUDIOS to choose from…

My Popular Professional Home Studio in Ste. Anne (where these images were photographed).

I also have a dedicated Professional Studio now in Winnipeg.


maternity woman beauty

In closing of this Maternity Photography You Desire posting, I’m finishing with one of my favourite images from the set.

The simplicity and lighting works perfectly for this pose and lingerie.

My studio is also available for Outdoor Maternity Sessions for those wanting to embrace nature.

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We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for:

Boudoir, Pinup, Fitness, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Grads,

Portraits, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Sports, Events.

Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!

“Here’s Looking At You Kid”!

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