This Stunning Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir shoot is all about showcasing how Beautiful a Woman can be during her Pregnancy. There are a few more curves, which means so much more to accentuate with lighting and shadows. Be prepared to have your eyes dazzled with some amazing studio maternity boudoir photography.


studio maternity boudoir steinbach

sexy boudoir model

wpg maternity photographer

Please take note, that this ENTIRE Collection of images was photographed in one session.

The soft studio light wraps around Payton’s lovely form, and creates a beautiful maternity boudoir image.

Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir is for every woman that wants to feel gorgeous and sexy during her “nine months”.


manitoba boudoir photography

maternity photography boudoir manitoba

winnipeg maternity photography boudooir

Every pose and lighting setup is carefully planned ahead of time for each client’s session.

You are likely only going to have one Photography Maternity Session, so choose your photographer carefully.

In your session, I can mix stunning Boudoir along with Classic Maternity poses and Couple’s Poses.


boudoir lingerie model

In your own Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir session, you will have a variety of lighting and background options.

This image was created with a black background. The lighting was purposefully setup to give that Solitary Feeling of Payton emerging from the shadows, and being connected with her unborn baby.


woman model pose

maternity photography boudoir steinbach

One of the more difficult people-images to photograph correctly, is one involving mirrors. However it is also gives one of the most unique and exciting perspectives.

As a Nationally Accredited Photographer with the Professional Photographers Of Canada – (in four different categories) – including Studio Lighting and Boudoir – my clients receive beautifully crafted images such as above.

Most of my clients usually express a statement like, “I can’t believe that’s me,” when they see their photos. I want you to Look and Feel like a Queen when you book a Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir session.


nine months pregnancy photography

mirror winnipeg maternity photogaphy

The exciting thing about incorporating Mirrors into your session – is how we can change perspectives and focus.

Sometimes we have the person in focus and the reflection is a beautiful blur. At other times, we can reverse the process for a different look and feel.


maternity photography boudoir photographer

b&w maternity portrait

Prior to Payton’s Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir Session – we had a few consultations to decide both my workflow, as well as what she would be wearing.

Payton was interested in studio light photos and having some Window Light images, while wearing casual but sexy clothing.


maternity portrait pegcity

window light maternity manitoba

steinbach maternity portrait

environmental light portrait

I edited the “Window” images in a more soft and hazier appearance. It totally fits the mood of the photos.

Payton looks gorgeous and glowing in these Light And Airy pics.

As a client, you can select Dramatic and/or Light and Airy styles for your own Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir session.


sexy maternity boudoir pose

curvy wpg boudoir model

Staying with the Window Light theme, we decided to jump into some sexier looks and poses.

Normally, there are so many lovely curves on a woman. During a pregnancy, her “baby bump” adds another beautiful curve to embrace.

When a woman receives images such as these, you are going to Experience a Major Confidence Boost. This is an added bonus of booking a session with my studio.


studio lighting boudoir winipeg

portrait maternity lingerie

maternity makeup model

We return back to some studio lighting for the final images in this Winnipeg Maternity Photography Boudoir set.

The different poses above show firstly – a Strong Confident look – and then a Flirty Playful pose.

Wouldn’t YOU and YOUR PARTNER love to have a Maternity Boudoir collection such as this?

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