This Winnipeg Halloween Pinup Madness posting is all about a recent Pinup Halloween Shoot in my studio.

The “Madness” comes from the fact that it involves a very Beautiful but “MAD” PINUP SCIENTIST.

This was a very small and simple photoshoot. The setting and poses were contained to a basic look, as we were shooting multiple sessions that day.


Here is the gorgeous “Brianne”, who I’ve worked with many times in the past.

This session was to be both sexy as well as a little eerie. Though more on the sexy – since it is Pinup!

This is the more wholesome looking version of Brianne as our Halloween Mad Scientist. It’s all about the lighting and her expression.


With a change in editing and lighting – but a very similar pose – we now have the alluring BUT EERIE Miss Brianne.

This is why I love studying how light shapes and paints everything we see.

A true professional photographer will know how to craft a specific atmosphere based on the lighting setups.

The idea is not to guess, or just have some general flat lighting. You want to SHAPE you subject matter.


winnipeg halloween pinup girl

Add a pair of glasses and this “Mad Doll” looks like a sultry Scientist.

Whatever she’s cooking up, it must be a home recipe.

Ingredients appears to be Bones – Chemicals – Brains.


vintage halloween ad

Thought I’d throw in a Vintage Halloween themed ad from the early 1940’s in this Winnipeg Halloween Pinup posting.

Amazing how cigarettes were so ingrained into the culture at that time.

Halloween is primarily a children’s day – and yet they pair Halloween with Smoking.

I still love the vintage artwork though.


vintage pinup model halloween

The absolutely stunning pinup hairstyle was created by none other then Cristina Mazzei of Urban Crush Salon.

I have a huge inventory of Halloween Props that can create just about any kind of scene.


halloween skeleton pinup theme photographer

Our very friendly skeleton model was only too happy to pose for this shot.

He was so excited it appears he dropped his bottom half…haha.

Brianne gave a perfect playful yet surprised expression that I had asked for in this image.


winnipeg mad scientist halloween costume

A simple alluring pose of our Pinup Mad Scientist as she lounges with her Book of Poisons.

I guess that’s a Mad Scientist’s idea of a bedtime story.

If you LOVE Halloween and want a unique photoshoot based around that theme – contact me for a booking.


manitoba halloween theme pinup photography

This was my favourite shot of the session.

Brianne gave me the perfect “sexy look over the glasses” pose.

The lighting – her curves – her expression all work together perfectly.


scary pinup chainsaw portrait

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a Chainsaw.

I pulled out a fabulous chainsaw prop I have for this Winnipeg Halloween Pinup shoot.

This edit is back to the dark, eerie atmosphere.


vintage trick or treat ad

Another classic Vintage Halloween Advertisement.

Wish they would illustrate them like this nowadays.


manitoba pinup trick or treat photography

sexy WPG model halloween theme

Finish off this Winnipeg Halloween Pinup posting with both my human and skeleton models looking right into the lens.

It appears the skeleton is getting the “better deal.”


published winnipeg magazine model

manitoba published pinup girl

CONGRATS to BRIANNE – as she was Published in current issue of Delicious Dolls Magazine.

Here is the 2 page layout of this Featured Model.

Experience Excitement – Fun – Empowerment with any of my Pinup Session.

If you love the Halloween Theme – let me custom design a Pinup Trick-Or-Treat session just for you.

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