In the mood to do a sexy Boudoir Photo Session, but not sure what style or poses you may like? Here’s two recent boudoir photography sessions that provide some Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas for anyone. These images should stimulate your eyes and mind as to what is possible at my studio. Of course this is just the tip of the iceburg… check out my Boudoir Portfolio for more amazing images.


winnipeg exciting boudoir photoshoot ideas

Meet “Tara”one of my two lovely ladies who will be showcasing a variety of Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas.

Have you ever thought about using Mirrors in your session?

There are so many possibilities with this added “detail” – and it can really give some unique perspectives on a woman’s form.

Here your eye travels from the focused front view and then dances over to the curvaceous out of focus back view.

This would make a stunning Wall Art image for your bedroom.


winnipeg boudoir photography model

A similar but vertical orientated image showing a longer view of Tara’s beautiful form.

Converting the image to Black and White also provides a different mood to the image.

All of my sessions are photographed in colour, but then can be converted to a B&W edit as an option for any client.


bright airy manitoba boudoir session

Meet “Alley”my second lovely lady showcasing the Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas.

This style is much more Bright and Airy with the lighting and background.

This pose is ideal if you wish to highlight your bust and butt at the same time.

The entire pose is a beautiful S Curve.


sexy birthday celebration photography

Another image with the same lighting and style.

This pose works extra well, if you can give the “come hither” look in your eyes, as Alley does so well.

Perfect pic for your partner, as it suggests the woman wants you to come closer and share the wine and maybe more.


dress short tie sexy photography

implied nude photography

What male significant other wouldn’t LOVE to see you wearing his favourite Dress Shirt and Tie.

This Implied Nude image done in a dark setting is extremely popular with clients, and part of my Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas.

You can make this pose even “Sassier” by revealing more of your female form.

Each client is IN CHARGE of deciding how much or little they wish to reveal in their boudoir session.

A comfortable client means a happy client!


window light winnipeg lingerie model

window light exciting boudoir pose

Looking for some Window Light Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot ideas?

I have a set of big beautiful windows at my Ste. Anne studio that can act as a beautiful backdrop for this style of image.

It actually involves BOTH window light and Studio Light to make a perfect sexy image.

The second pose totally lengthens a woman’s body and then gives it all the curve it can handle.


dramatic portrait sexy

dramatic boudoir winnipeg photography

dramatic boudoir photoshoot ideas

If you like the very dramatic look with your Boudoir, then my studio can create very cool light and shadow effects.

This was NOT done with Photoshop, but with actual lighting techniques.

It can provide a dramatic look as well as adding a vintage flavour to the image.

Converting this to black and white adds even more drama to the image.

As you can see – my studio OFFERS a HUGE VARIETY of Lighting Styles for your Boudoir Sessions.

I am NATIONALLY ACCREDITED in Studio Portraiture, meaning “I know my way around the studio lighting”.


b&w beauty photography wpg

manitoba exciting boudoir photoshoot ideas

Another OPTION for your exciting boudoir photoshoot ideas, is to consider the backgrounds.

In this case I have a beautiful dark luxury Wall Panel that is PERFECT for a Boudoir Portrait.

It adds that CLASSY mood to the image, but remains dark so as to also add some drama and sexy mystery.

The images above would make an incredible GIFT for YOURSELF or Someone Special.


steinbach window light boudoir

window light exciting photoshoot ideas

Both of these images used Window Light as the Key Light.

The second image is a REFLECTION in a MIRROR, as you can just see the edge of the mirror frame.

It gives a unique perspective to the photograph, that a direct view would not have.

This is another  of many exciting boudoir photoshoot ideas that clients can consider for their own custom session.


light airy studio glamour winnipeg

raunchy sexy boudoir domination

Once a client arrives for her session, I look to establish an easy-going atmosphere to help her relax.

We usually start off with some simple poses and then move on to the fun energetic ones.

That could include this “raunchy naughty girl” look and pose from Alley.

A great example for the Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas posting.


back pose boudoir idea

Women love “back” poses, and Men love them too!

Here is a Classic back pose that has a lot of mystery and mood to it.

I have the soft light coming from the side and outlining Tara’s beautiful feminine form.

Then add a second rim light to carve her shape out of the darkness. Stunning!


lingerie closeup beauty

best winnipeg boudoir photoshoot photography

This is a popular style and pose and is a perfect example of Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas for clients.

This one is an implied topless image that focuses on the beautiful feminine shape of a woman.

It looks like soft window light but actually is a Studio CONSTANT LIGHT that is very soft.

Once you BOOK a Boudoir Session, I spend time conversing with you to devise a PERFECT Workflow JUST FOR YOU.


classic window light pose

This pose can pretty much flatter anyone.

It stretches out the body and the viewer sees a beautiful outline of a woman.

In this case the lighting was a combination of window and studio strobe.

This could also be done as a silhouette.


sexy boudoir selfie winnipeg

This was one of my favourite images of the session with Tara.

I think mainly because it was so unusual. It’s a “Boudoir Selfie”!

As a client you can add more sassiness to the image by revealing more of your bust if you so desire.

A very cool way to end this Exciting Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas posting.

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