Check out my incredible luck when a Winnipeg Burglar Beauty Caught On Camera, happened to be with MY CAMERA! This PINUP GIRL will Steal More Then Your Heart. Read on for all the juicy details.

For those of you who follow my work, you will recognize the Provocative Pinup in this posting…namely Brianne Klassen.

Many thanks to my super talented hair stylist, Cristina Mazzei of Urban Crush Salon for styling this Vintage Vixen.


sexy winnipeg pinup burglar


It was late one night when I awoke to the sound of something or someone moving about in my basement.

I was particularly worried, since I recently purchased a special UNCRACKABLE SAFE to store my valuables.

I had Jewels, Diamonds, and Money Bags full of Cash. My Secret Wall Camera captured this image of the Winnipeg Burglar Beauty.


vintage pinup thief manitoba

vintage boudoir portrait steinbach

I slowly crept downstairs and confirmed my suspicions. There was an Intruder in the house.

But WAIT… not just any old burglar – this was a Drop Dead Delicious DANGEROUS DAME.

She looked like she ascended down from “Pinup Heaven”. Thankfully my Secret Wall Camera recorded the action.


blonde bombshell beauty wpg

bad girl retro cosplay winnipeg

I was wondering how this Winnipeg Burglar Beauty had defeated my Security System AND my SECURITY GUARD.

Then I saw this photo on my camera roll. It looks like the Guard succumbed to Brianne’s Feminine charms.

I guess you can’t really blame him now, can you?

 From the money scattered about, it does look like he put up a good fight.


vintage winnipeg boudoir photography

femme fatale pinup burglarMy Secret Wall Camera is activated with a delicate motion sensor.

It looks like this Glamour Gal’s curves were moving in all the right places, as my camera captured all the action.

Those delicate digits of hers, seemed to easily crack open that safe.


sexy retro pinup model manitoba

winnipeg cosplay thief burglar

From the photos taken from my Secret Camera – It looks like it wasn’t much of a Secret.

This Winnipeg Burglar Beauty appears to be “playing to the camera,” and just plain Showing Off those Dangerous Curves.


sexy jewel thief cosplay

benjamins money burglar pinup

This girl is Stealing My Money and My Heart!

After seeing these photos, I just can’t seem to pick up the phone and call the Cops.

I WANT her to Return To The Scene Of The Crime!


sexy bad girl burglar beauty

celebrating cash grab burglar

This Femme Fatale seems to be having a “good time” at my expense.

First she strikes a “Dangerous Dame” pose and then she shows me how it’s RAINING CASH.

I’m not sure if I want to arrest her, or let her play with my money.


pinup burglar arrest

This Winnipeg Burglar Beauty still looks Gorgeous, even when the ‘Cuffs Are On.

We made a deal that I would let her go, if I could send in her photos to Delicious Dolls Pinup Magazine.

She smiled at me, the way a Tiger smiles at her next meal – but she said “Okie Dokey”.


cover brianne klassen pinup

brianne klassen published pinup model

The above images are from the latest issue of Delicious Dolls Magazine – the Largest Pinup Publication on the Planet.

Brianne is a FEATURED MODEL with a 2 Page Spread. Images were all from my “Secret Camera”.

Magazine can be purchased at their Website.

If YOU are looking for the Ultimate CONFIDENCE BOOSTING EXPERIENCE – then Book a “Guaranteed To be Published” Pinup Session with me now.


manitoba femme fatale burglar

This Blog Posting was all done of course, as a Fanciful Faux Burglar Report.

All the props – including the Safe, Money, Diamonds, Wrist Irons, Security Guard, Faux Guns, and even the Lingerie were provided by my studio.

This is an example of a very Unique and Customized Session that was adapted to a Pinup Shoot.

If YOU have a Theme that you would like to see photographed in a Pinup Genre or even a Modern Style – then contact me to Make It Happen.

Check out some of my other Uniquely Themed Sessions from my Blog:

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