I am totally loving my recent adventure into Fitness Photography. This Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography session is now my 3rd to be posted. You will see quite a variety of image styles and lighting that can be incorporated into any Man or Woman’s Fitness photo shoot.


male bodybuilder exercise manitoba

My latest fabulous visitor to my studio is the very FITJason M.

He’s been bodybuilding for about eight years now, and as of 2019 is now transitioning to Power Lifting.

Jason clearly lives & breathes a very healthy lifestyle, as his body fat percentage is much lower then the rest of us humans.

I have worked out in gyms for years, but never had the discipline it takes to get this “shredded”.

Jason’s short term goal is to compete competitively in local Power Lifting Competitions.


wpg bodybuilding fitness pose

Jason told me that for his diet, he likes to eat several small meals a day, and to avoid processed foods.

“It’s all about calories in versus calories out”. Seems simple enough – but I personally always struggle in the evenings.

Jason has a FB page dedicated to fitness and assisting others. You can reach him at Envisioned Physique.

He also maintains an Instagram account under the name Canadian Bodybuilder.

Jason feels that for him and really for anyone, that bodybuilding improves one’s confidence and outlook on life.

He promotes various bodybuilding products through, which you can ask him about via social media.


manitoba bodybuilder photo shoot

Ok folks – so who’s LOVING the images from this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting? I totally am – even if I am biased.

The first three images are all a bit different in style and look. The first image is colour and in an exercise pose, with a cool old gymnasium background.

The 2nd photo is a kind of edgy fitness black and white pose. Notice the cool large CHAINS – which are available for any fitness client.

The 3rd image is a more fashion lifestyle portrait, but emphasizing the fitness level of the subject.

As you can see, there are so many EXCITING options available for any client booking a Fitness Session with me.


bodybuilding exercise winnipeg gym

I should mention that the amazing INK on Jason’s back is the real deal. That is not from Photoshop.

Anyone booking a Fitness Session with me, WILL EXPERIENCE: Excitement / Exhilaration / Confidence.

Yes, even in a Fitness shoot this will happen. You DO NOT need to know how to pose or even like your photo taken.

Jason is not one to embrace the camera, but after a few minutes of my relaxed coaching and guidance, he actually became very comfortable in his photo shoot.

As a client you will also have the exciting anticipation of viewing your photo gallery and selecting the images you wish for final editing. You can even select poses similar to this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting.

Imagine yourself in one of these photo poses – & then displaying one or more of these prints in your home etc.


manitba studio bodybuilding photographer

Sometimes you just don’t need any props. Just amazing studio light to carve out your subject’s features.

Did you know that I’m an ACCREDITED PHOTOGRAPHER with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC).

I have special Accreditation in both Pinup Photography as well as Studio Portrait Photography.

This means that my work has been examined by Master Photographers of the PPOC, and deemed to be at a consistently HIGH LEVEL of PROFICIENCY – just life the images in this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting.

This is GREAT NEWS for YOU the CLIENT. Since there are No Universal Photography Standards “out there” – how do you know you are hiring an excellent photographer?

The ANSWER is that “Accredited Photographer” Logo on my website. If you see that – you can be assured of stunning images and professional ethics.


manitoba bodybuilding photographer pose

When booking a Fitness Session – or any photo shoot with me – we will become a TEAM in creating your images.

We discuss on the phone, your own vision and make sure the photos taken, are actually images and poses you LOVE.

This particular photo from my Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting, is one of the more creative options I chose.

I have a huge variety of FITNESS PROPS that can be used to create any number of cool shots.

This includes items such as:

  • dumbbells, barbells
  • weights/plates of varying sizes
  • bench press, arm curl machine, leg extension machine, cardio stepper
  • exercise mats, exercise balls, cinder blocks
  • boxing bag, boxing gloves
  • vintage lockers to create a locker room scene
  • much more


male fitness exercise pose wpg

ALL of these images in this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting were created in my HOME STUDIO. In fact about 95% of all the indoor images on my website are from my Home Studio.

I am located in Ste. Anne, which is literally a relaxing 20 minute drive from the Winnipeg Perimeter.

There is no traffic jams, potholes, or red lights to deal with, when coming to my studio. Grab a cup of coffee before you leave and enjoy the short drive to Ste. Anne. FREE PARKING as well.

I am also available for any Winnipeg or Steinbach location as well. I have professional grade equipment that can travel to any locale – including a gymnasium or some Street Style Fitness location.


winnipeg fitness portrait exercising

What better way to add an Edgy Look, then exercising on Cinder Blocks, with dumbbells that have seen many years of sweat?

Whatever Genre I am shooting (Fitness, Pinup, Boudoir, Old Hollywood etc) – I photograph my images as if they were singular portraits.

That means I am not shooting a million images and “hoping” that I get some “good ones”.

I design a specific workflow of poses/images that I work through to create YOUR STUNNING IMAGES.


male fitness model portrait winnipeg

Here is another more Fashion Styled Portrait for a Fitness Client.

Remember – though this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting features a Male…

Women can of course book a Fabulous Fitness Session as well. You can see some of my work in the Fitness Portfolio.


steinbach fitness model photography

Your Fitness Session doesn’t have to be about bodybuilding. It can be any fitness or sports related activity or theme.

I have photographed several Hockey themed portraits in the past – and you can see them in previous blog postings.

You too can have Jaw Dropping Fitness Images, just like Jason in his Winnipeg Bodybuilding Photography posting.


winnipeg bodybuilder photography

Ending this session with a confident Fashion Style Fitness pose.

If you are wondering why my images look so stunning – it’s ALL ABOUT LIGHTING CONTROL.

I carefully craft and sculpture my subject with lights and shadows to make them “pop” in their photographs.


fitness boxer fighter posterI have a SPECIAL BONUS for anyone booking a Fitness Session BEFORE June 30th and choose a minimum 7 image session.

You will be posed for – and then receive a very Cool STREET FIGHTER POSTER (like above) for FREE.

You even get to CHOOSE Your NICKNAME.

I hope you enjoyed this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting and possibly become one of my clients.

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