It’s time to unveil my studio’s newest Boudoir Set, which is available for all clients. Our WET LOOK BOUDOIR SPELLS CONFIDENCE for Women and is an Exciting EGO BOOSTING Experience.

We want you to get Wet and Wild in the Studio – but you DON’T have to reveal a lot of “skin”. It’s about REVEALING YOUR SEXY PERSONALITY – and You All Have It!

I should mention that I learned this Boudoir Lighting technique at the recent Annual National Imaging Conference of the Professional Photographers Of Canada, which was held in Montreal this year.

I am an ACCREDITED MEMBER meaning – my Photography Skills have been Tested and Proven in front of a panel of Master Photographers to be of High Professional Standards.


behind the scenes wet look boudoir

studio behind the scenes sexy confidence boudoir
There are TWO “Posing Stations” – as shown above.

One is seated or standing with a Special Background, and the other is against a Black Brick Wall.

We WET YOUR HAIR – and then create some Drop Dead Gorgeous images that You and Your Partner will LOVE!

I will guide your poses and bring out your INNER and OUTER BEAUTY – and – the CONFIDENT Side of your Personality.

This is all about Injecting CONFIDENCE and giving you an EGO BOOST. We all need that at different times of our life.

*     *     *



I had 5 Fabulous and courageous ladies partake in my Promo Shoot.

They are all from Ste. Anne, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and experience in front of the camera.

I will be showing you a BEFORE and AFTER photo of each woman as well as some individual pics.

You will see from the Before & After pics – that ANYONE from ANY “walk of life” can be a SEXY SIREN!


– “DARIAN” –


before after wet look boudoir spells confidence

Meet DARIAN. She has experience in front of the camera and her Confidence and Female Charm really showed in her photos.

We had her soak her hair and then get in front of the camera.

I assisted her in fine tuning some of the poses and we came away with these stunning photos.


All of my Boudoir clients have the option of selecting their amazing images in either colour or the B&W version.


edgy sexy boudoir winnipeg

black and white portrait

After the session I interviewed each of the women about their experience in the Wet Boudoir Spells Confidence Session.

Darian commented, “This was my second boudoir shoot, and just like the first one – this one was really fun. It’s always exciting seeing how the photos come out on the laptop. They always look so amazing.”

*     *     *




wet look boudoir spells confidence

Meet Theresa. She told me she had little experience in front of the camera and was not really comfortable being photographed.

She has a very funny and outgoing personality and I knew I had to bring that out of her for this Wet Look Boudoir Spells Confidence session.

WOW! She totally nailed it!


makeover model

Here’s the colour version of this Gorgeous Gal!


wet look boudoir

She showcased the “hot side” of her personality in both her photos. Sp proud of her.

She provided me a very generous and personal account of her experience as follows:

“Having had experience with professional photographers in my own professional life as a marriage commissioner, I have watched many photos being taken, but not of myself.

I’m not the typical model I feel, and really haven’t felt comfortable in front of a camera all by myself. However Mark made the experience fun and easy.

I felt after working together, it changed how I viewed an intimate picture of just me. Playing a Diva was tough if you don’t usually feel you allow yourself to be sexy or pretty.

Mark helped find that sense of empowerment within and to show myself the confidence I didn’t think I had to do this type of photography.

Especially at an age where I really didn’t feel super sexy about myself. Thank you for the fun and photos.”

In response I have to say I FEEL BLESSED that I could provide such a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE for Theresa.

She still has that awesome sex appeal to go along with her amazing personality!

*     *     *




sexy makeover winnipeg

Meet Alley.  She is a young woman who is a fabulous mother and wife.

She is experienced as a model and has a very photogenic look.

I wanted to ensure that we really captured that CONFIDENT “BOUDOIR LOOK” in her eyes.

From this photo and the others I would say it was 100% successful.


sexy boudoir model steinbach

beautiful wet woman

As you can see, I had quite a few incredible images to choose from.

Even with such simple set up, there is quite a number of sexy confident poses that a woman can showcase.

Her look Spells Confidence and Empowerment!


hot wet look boudoir model

model spells confidence empowerment

Alley really embraced her role as a Sexy Siren for this Wet Look Boudoir Spells Confidence set.

She commented to me later, “Shooting the Wet Look Boudoir was a blast! It’s such a confidence boost.

The lighting really compliments one’s figure. Such a wonderful way to show off my pregnancy weight loss.”

I was so happy that Alley was able to express her fun personality and feel so positive after her shoot.

*     *     *


– KIM –


empowering confidence boudoir

Meet Kim. She is a fun loving outgoing woman who loves spending time with her son.

She does feel comfortable in front of the camera, but has not had a lot of experience with professional photo shoots.

Her wet hair and beautiful curves were a perfect fit for the Wet Look Boudoir Spells Confidence session.

Love her Beautiful Images!


hot wet boudoir

hot winnipeg boudoir photography

winnipeg boudoir photography

Kim commented to me later, “Thank you Mark for a fun experience. You are very professional and easy to work with. Would like to do more shoots in the future.”

I couldn’t be happier that Kim had such a great experience that she is already craving more photo sessions with my studio.

It’s my main mission for my Clients – to make them FEEL BEAUTIFUL and LOOK BEAUTIFUL!

*     *     *




wet look boudoir winnipeg

Meet Kayla. For those of you who follow my Blog, you will recognize this woman from a very revealing Fitness Shoot.

When I say revealing, I mean about her personal journey with stress and how she overcame it. You can see that posting at this LINK.

I was interviewed on Winnipeg Global Morning TV about her Empowering session as well.

confident fitness model

I got to know Kayla first at the Ste. Anne gym, and since then we have formed a friendship. She is once of the most genuine and kindest people I have met.

She also has ALMOST NO EXPERIENCE in front of the camera – and quite literally can become fairly STRESSED about it.

Obviously she’s super photogenic, but I needed to have her more then just comfortable for this session.

I wanted  to see her inner sexy side and I wanted to see it in her eyes and pose.


beauty portrait manitoba photographer

I think we scored 110 out of 100 with Kayla. She totally let down her guard, and just embraced the session.

The Wet Hair Look just adds that bit of “raunchiness” to each of the lady’s images.


fitness model winnipeg boudoir photography

empowering boudoir self love

After seeing Kayla’s images I’m sure you all think she must be some accomplished super model… but I tell you – this woman is just a sweet “down to earth” woman – who happens to be Stunning!

Kayla commented to me later, “He knows how to make you feel not only Empowered but Comfortable in your own skin, which I didn’t know was possible.

I greatly appreciate what Mark has done for my self esteem. Whenever I look back at these pictures I feel just as confident as I did that day.”

*     *     *

That concludes the Wet Look Boudoir Spells Confidence session.

Thanks again to these 5 Ste. Anne Women who were Brave Enough to not only provide me with their “before” photos, but also to really embrace this Confidence Boosting Session.

All of my BOUDOIR Sessions are geared to provide You – The Client – with an Empowering and Confidence Boosting Experience.

I should mention that all my client’s session are PRIVATE and NOT POSTED an less I have written permission. Your session can be totally private as well.

This new WET LOOK set can be ordered as a Stand Alone Session – or added on to your regular Classic Boudoir set.

Here are a few other boudoir blog postings for you to peruse.     LINK1                         LINK2                         LINK3 


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