I have come up with some Modern and Vintage Couples Portrait Photography Ideas for those that want options in their session.  First I’ve showcased some of the Contemporary Couple’s images that would be great for an engaged couple. There are also some very unique images for those couples that would like to add some Vintage Style to their set.




engagement couple photography winnipeg

Congrats to Darian and Chris who were recently engaged.

I created some emotional images that also showcase her fabulous Engagement Ring as well as their love for each other.

This has more of a lifestyle feel to it and was captured using a balance of both natural light and studio light.


manitoba engaged couple photos

romance photography session winnipeg

A pretty flower for a pretty girl in this Unique Couples Portrait Photography set.

Darian and Chris have been together for a number of years now, and I’ve known them personally for the last couple.

Was thrilled to hear they finally became engaged and was excited to try a variety of photography styles for them.


lifestyle winnipeg couples photography

A final closeup of the ring along with a romantic pose for this couple.

This Portrait image would make a wonderful enlargement that could be hung on the couple’s wall as a reminder of their love for each other.

My studio offers a wide variety of Print and Digital products – but definitely encourages Prints and Wall Art in some format.

These are what will bring back memories and inspire clients when they see themselves in stunning images.




classic studio portrait manitoba

The next few images were done entirely with studio lights and in a Fashion Lighting setup.

I had a plain white background and then used Beauty Lighting for  the set.

We alternated between fun smiley poses and some of the more aloof fashion looks for this Unique Couples Portrait Photography posting.


cool fashion style lighting

fun couples romance photography portrait

This was one of my favourite images from this particular set, as it has a real genuine emotional feel to it.

For a Couple’s Photo shoot, I definitely want to capture the emotional connection that the man and woman have for each other.

Whatever the lighting style or scenario, the emotion will be an important part of the shoot.


fashion editorial wpg photography

This was my couple doing their “Cool Aloof” pose for the session.

In fashion photography, you will often see the models looking disinterested – which was what I was striving for in this particular shot.


silly photobooth style portrait photographyphotobooth manitoba couples portrait session

The last two images of this Unique Couples Portrait Photography posting, shows the same Beauty Studio Lighting, but we added some silly/fun emotion to it.

I was looking for an almost Photo-Booth” style image – but with better lighting and posing quality.

This is great for couples that want some spontaneous silliness in their Portraits.




b&w engagement couple portrait

vintage style portrait photography steinbach

The next group of images have a more Vintage Classic Hollywood look to them.

This is because of the specific studio lighting I used, as well as some Old Hollywood Style poses.

This style would be perfect for a couple that loves Old Movies, or loves that Vintage Classic “look”.


classic hollywood winnipeg photographerclassic hollywood style couples portrait

This was also one of my favourites from the entire session.

The lighting just screams “Old Hollywood” – and the pose is timeless.

Another perfect candidate for a Wall Art Portrait for the home.


1940s hollywood B&W portrait photographyThis is another Classic Old Hollywood Couples Pose that you will see in many movies.

Darian and Chris look like Movie Stars from the 1940’s in this image.

You don’t need a lot of props – just awesome lighting and posing to have this style for your own session.




film noir style couples portrait photography

I saved my favourite section for the end, as I of course LOVE the FILM NOIR style.

I envisioned Chris to be that 1940’s Hard Boiled Detective, and Darian as that gorgeous Femme Fatale.

Then I threw them together for some fun Film Noir poses.


winnipeg engagement photography vintage noir

For those couples wanting a truly UNIQUE Couples Portrait Photography session – the Film Noir style would be PERFECT!

I provided the Fedora and Trench Coat as well as the Faux Gun prop and the Blinds – which make the perfect backdrop for this style.

Chris looks totally Vintage “BadAss”, while he protects the damsel Darian.


manitoba noir movie portrait couples photography

Wow – just love this pose as well. Straight out of a 1940’s Film Noir Movie Poster I would say.

I should mention that for Couples or Engagement Sessions, I also photograph outdoors as well.

It can be as simple as a walk in the park, or a more story-telling session with a Vintage or Modern theme.


vintage magazine cover engagement couple

I wanted to finish this Unique Portrait Photography posting with a COOL Image I created for this couple.

They looked like they should be on a 1940’s Hollywood Poster or Magazine Cover, so I obliged them with this creation.

As in most Film Noir Movies – the Femme Fatale usually prevails over the Male character – so I titled this Vintage Magazine accordingly.

Love it!

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