Expecting a juicy story about fallen relationships, in this Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup posting? Sorry, not here. This is about a determined young woman who went from model rejections, to being a TWO TIME COVER MODEL for the Largest Pinup Magazine in the World.


cover girl pinup model manitoba

To make the cover of any magazine is quite a feat, needless to say.

The lovely Brianne Klassen has done it twice in 2018, with her second cover being in the November Issue of Delicious Dolls Magazine.

There are only a handful of ladies all over the world that have had multiple cover images with this Top Pinup Magazine.

Brianne is 1 of 2 women in all of Canada to attain such a lofty accomplishment, and she did it with hard work.


winnipeg pinup mechanic model

two timing winnipeg pinup1950s rockabilly mechanic

I got to meet Brianne a year or more ago to work together on a collaborative pinup shoot.

I had a grandiose vision to shoot a Double-Session of a Pinup Stewardess and a Pinup Aircraft Mechanic.

Little did I know this shoot would lead to Brianne becoming a Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup by adorning TWO MAGAZINE COVERS.

When we had first talked over the telephone, she told me how she loved modelling and the feeling of empowerment and confidence it gave her.

She also shared with me the fact that modelling can also “smack” your confidence, when there is rejection.


manitoba pinup model photographer

Brianne had experienced some of the joys of modelling, by participating in various photo shoots and even entering a pageant.

She also related how modelling agencies rejected her for: not being the right height; or weight; or “certain look”, etc.

Though it bruised her ego a bit, she came back more determined then ever.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that Brianne also has this very Positive Outlook to Life which seems to radiate around her.

I think it was this special energy that she brought to our double-shoot that made us both better artists.


empowering women boudoir photography manitoba

I have to give special thanks to Mike Maskell, without who’s generosity this photo shoot would never have occurred.

Mike is an accomplished pilot and owns a 1953 Cessna which is housed in a vintage looking airplane hangar at the St. Andrews Airport near Winnipeg.

He gave us full access to his premises including the mechanical equipment and the vintage aircraft.

It was the perfect setting for our Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup Girl.


canadian kissing pinup girl

manitoba best pinup photographer

As gorgeous as Brianne is,  she was not experienced in styling her own pinup hair.

I sent her to my #1 Pinup Hair Stylist, namely Cristina Mazzei of Urban Crush Salon in Winnipeg.

She hit a home run with her amazing Victory Rolls and vintage styling.

Perfect Pinup Makeup was styled by Luisa Macchia of La Belle Beauty Makeup Services.

All of these incredible people had an important part to play in creating this Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup.


delicious dolls magazine cover

As a bit of a flashback…here was Brianne’s FIRST COVER for Delicious Dolls Magazine, which was in March of this year.

For those of you who think modelling is easy, I beg to differ.

I have worked with countless models and clients in various styles and themes, and the “great ones” really stand out.

The really good models are able to pose their body as well as their facial expressions to perfectly fit the style of the shot.

The “great ones” elevate themselves with a seemingly unending positive and inspiring attitude – like Brianne.


vintage boudoir lingerie photography manitoba

winnipeg sexy garage mechanic pinup

This double session took in the neighbourhood of about 4 hours or so, which is mentally taxing on the model and the photographer.

The ability to “stay fresh” and upbeat after hours of shooting, is what makes Brianne such an amazing model and woman.

There wasn’t one image I could find near the end of our Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup session, where she looked tired or bored.

For my regular clients, I keep sessions between 1 and 2 hours, as it’s tough to stay focused longer then that for an average person.


winnipeg published pinup photographer

All of the Props as well as the outfits were provided by my studio.

I have a huge inventory of Vintage Themed Outfits and Props that can be used to style just about any theme that a client can desire.

Clients should also be aware that I can GUARANTEE YOU BE PUBLISHED in a PINUP MAGAZINE.

I can not guarantee a Cover – but certainly at least a 1 page layout.

How EXCITING and EMPOWERING! Be a DIVA-FOR-A-DAY and Book your own “I want to be published” Pinup Session with me.


vintage boudoir photographer manitoba

steinbach sexy pinup soda girl

Brianne has worked with me on a number of promotional pinup sessions, so I am so delighted that she has become a Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup Girl.

For YOU THE CLIENT – a Pinup Session is more then just posing for photographs.

It will be an all encompassing EXPERIENCE. Your CONFIDENCE will be Elevated and you will have this feeling of Empowerment and Exhilaration.

You are involved step by step in the planning and designing of your own shoot. On the day of…you will Time Travel to your Favourite Decade and be a DIVA.

After the session you will have the excitement of selecting your final images.


manitoba vintage pinup photography

empowering steinbach pinup photo shoot

No experience necessary to be a Dazzling Pinup Doll.

This was actually Brianne’s first Pinup Shoot, and she became an amazing Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup Girl, with her TWO Magazine Covers in 2018.

My relaxed and professional guidance for posing will make anyone a STAR!


best winnipeg boudoir photographer

best winnipeg pinup photographer

I am so thrilled to have been part of Brianne’s journey to becoming a successful Two Timing Winnipeg Pinup Doll.

You can purchase Brianne’s magazine issues at the website for Delicious Dolls Magazine.

Now it’s time for YOU to BOOK Your Own Perfect Pinup Session with me. Visit my CONTACT PAGE.

I also sell GIFT CERTIFICATES for those that Want a Session, but are Not Ready to book.

To see more exciting pinup sessions (some with Brianne), check out these Blog links:     Link1     Link2     Link3     Link4

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