Recently a Winnipeg Maid of Honour wanted to Plan an Exciting Unique Event for the Bridal Party. She called my studio to have me create a Stunning Old Hollywood Photo Party for the ladies. We discussed the variety of Bachelorette Photo Parties I offer, including Pinup, Old Hollywood, and a Bad Girl Theme. They eventually decided upon the Classy and Classic 1940’s Old Hollywood Session. Prepare your eyes for a dazzling treat!


bride old hollywood photo party

Behind-The-Scenes of an Exciting Professional Shoot with The BRIDE.

maid honour vintage photography wpg

Maid of Honour in a Behind-The-Scenes pic.

Wedding Party Member BTS

Bachelorette Party Behind-The-Scenes image

I DO NOT do the cheesy styled Photo Booth Sessions, as you can see.

If you book one of my World Famous Bachelorette Party Photo Sessions, you will experience a true Professional Photo Shoot.

You will also end up with Stunning Images that have professional Lighting and Posing.

Oh Yes – The actual experience of this Old Hollywood Photo Party is A BLAST!


assorted vintage props

bridal party photographer studio

This particular session was done in Winnipeg at the Aspire Studios on King St.

We had a studio selected several months in advance (highly recommended) and met there for our session.

I had the ladies going through a variety of Image Examples (above image), so they could select the Pose and General “look” they wanted.

Each lady chose 3 images for their own portrait shots. There were Standing, Sitting poses as well as Headshots.


bride photo party manitoba

vintage old hollywood photographer winnipeg

vintage bachelorette party idea

To keep things fresh and so no one felt like they were sitting around, I rotated the ladies through their vintage portraits.

During this Old Hollywood Photo Party, the women were also able to select a variety of Vintage Props that I had available.

For every Bachelorette Photo Party, I provide FREE PROPS and Accessories including Vintage Style Gloves, Faux fur wraps, fake cigarettes, hats, jewellery, and more.


winnipeg bachelorette party bts

During the session, if we have time, I try and get one or too interesting Non-Portrait style pics of the shoot.

This one was perfect, as the Makeup room at Aspire had the Old Hollywood Lighting.

This looks like a photo from one of the Hollywood Studios back in the 1940s.

Lots of fun for the Old Hollywood Photo Party and especially for the “girls”.


group portrait winnipeg photographer

As part of every session, I do one or two Group shots.

I have a variety of preplanned poses that are printed as photographs. The Bridal Party chooses the one(s) they want.

As you are looking at all these images of this Old Hollywood photo Party, keep in mind that each photograph had unique lighting.

That meant that I quickly had to look at the pose printout that was presented to me, and then figure out the Old Hollywood Style lighting that suited it best.

This meant a lot of running around in the studio, but the results were extraordinary.

Due to my expertise in Studio Lighting (Nationally Accredited with Professional Photographers Of Canada) – I was able to “pull it off”.


1940s style portrait

Manitoba 1950s style portrait photography

winnipeg classic hollywood photo party

I always enjoy my client sessions, but this one seemed extra special.

I think it was all the excitement and energy in the air, during this Old Hollywood Photo Party.

The ladies brought some Elvis Music to play in the background, and we all had a Grand Ole Time.

Oh yeah, the final images turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Very few photographers will have the skill to create this style of imagery for a group of ladies.


 vintage style group bridal portrait winnipeg

This was one of the unique poses chosen by the Bridal Party.

I had never photographed this pose before, and I really love how it turned out.

Each lady will receive Social Media sized digital images of all the edited photos.

They also receive a Print Album of all the edited images, with the Bride receiving an upgraded larger size.

Should anyone want to purchase a Single Image as a Stunning Piece of Wall Art – that is certainly possible as well (at an added cost).


winnipeg classic hollywood photography

This one was my favourite of the Bride. She absolutely epitomizes the look of a Vintage Hollywood Starlet.

Did you know my Bachelorette Photo Parties have been featured in Canada’s Flare Magazine as a Best Bachelorette Party Idea in Winnipeg.

You can read their Online Article at THIS LINK.

As mentioned previously, I also offer Vintage Pinup Parties and a Modern Bad Girl Mug Shot Party.

You can see images from these events on my Blog by searching under the Bachelorette party Category.


best winnipeg portrait photography

This is the lady who can take the credit for planning this Old Hollywood Photo Party.

The Maid Of Honour looks spectacular here in a Classic Hollywood portrait.

She chose some of my studio’s Opera Gloves as part of her ensemble.

She also chose the always popular Extra Long Cigarette Holder, which many Hollywood Movie Icons adorned.

The sofa in many of the images belongs to Aspire Studio, however I do have a similar one of my own.


sexy vintage photo party portrait

This was my favourite image for this member of the wedding party.

She chose the pose on her own, and then brought the perfect look and attitude to the portrait.

If you are in a Wedding Party and are looking for something UNIQUE and EXCITING to do – then this is the answer.

It’s well worth the price of admission for this Old Hollywood Photo Party.

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Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!

“Here’s Looking At You Kid”!

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