Latest Headlines out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Local Pinup Girl Imprisoned 30 Days For Looking Sultry. This is the theme of my latest “Caged” Pinup session. Read on for all the details. Special thanks to the St. Vital Historical Museum for allowing me exclusive access to use their actual preserved Police Jail.


Here is a quick video showing you the behind-the-scenes of this former police jail cell.

The space is so small and confined – it was by far the most challenging location to create interesting lighting.


spicy pinup girl

prisoner sexy convict

Meet Alcatraz Prisoner #196107 or as she is known in Solitary, –  “The Sultry Seductress”.

I came on “Visiting Day” with a special request to do a photo shoot of this Provocative Pinup.

I had heard about this Pinup Girl Imprisoned for 30 Days and wanted to see her for myself.

I had clearance from the WARDEN, and they let me alone with her for a couple of hours.



winnipeg pinup model

girl prison jail

My first few minutes with this Dangerous Dame was quite intimidating.

She was beautiful and she knew it! I wouldn’t mind doing 30 days with this cell mate.

My first few photos were done with her still in LOCKUP. She looked stunning even behind bars.



girl imprisoned

prisoner of love

She was making herself at home in Solitary Confinement and counting the days till she was out.

I was expecting the traditional drab prisoner garb – but this gal was getting “special treatment”.

With “Looks” like her – I can imagine her “Visiting Day Card” to be FULL.


pinup prisoner

This “Doll Face” convinced me that I would be safe – so I handed her the keys.

I hope I won’t regret it.



frisky prisoner

alcatraz sexy prisoner

Before she was allowed to come out, the guards needed to do a frisk.

I’m not sure where this Provocative Pinup would hide anything, but rules are rules.

This imprisoned pinup girl had more curves then the Monaco Grand Prix.

And they say Dames are like Roads…. More Curves Means More Danger!



1950s prisoner

sexy retro pinup

The Guards wanted the Dangerous Dame shackled – for my own protection.

But I had a hunch she really did have a good heart – so I asked for them to be removed.


imprisoned female winnipeg

vintage winnipeg pinup girl

She started to warm up to me and eventually emerged from her cell.

I captured all the action of this cat-like cutie.

pinup girl cell

girl reading prison

I wanted to get a few photos of a regular day-in-the-life of the imprisoned pinup girl…

So she posed with her favourite book and her private stash of Bourbon.


solitary solitaire

card playing prisoner

She told me that she passed the hours by in Solitary – with Solitaire!

Maybe the game is a one person game – but I can think of a lot of people who would love to be dealt in.


solitary confinement

This beautiful babe really does have a soft heart… as she is seen here pining away for her “love” – Tyler.

Lucky Guy!


caged heat

That concludes this amazing and unique Prisoner Pinup Session with the gorgeous Brianne.

Many thanks to Jen LeBrun for her PINUP PERFECT HAIR.

All Outfits and Props were provided by my studio.

This was by far the most DIFFICULT Session to LIGHT – due to the very small working area.

I had to be very creative with lighting and their placements in order to make it work and also have interesting images.

I DID NOT want to just shoot with an on-camera flash and have that very amateur flatly-lit look.

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