It’s a Manitoba Summer, so that means it’s time for an Old Fashioned 1950s Romance Photography session. What better way to celebrate a Couple’s Love for each other –  then to Time Travel to the Romantic 1950s.


old fashioned 50s couples shoot winnipeg

Meet Alley and her hubby Alex. They have been married for four years, and love family time with each other and their children.

Now for a couple of Generation Zed kids, they sure look comfortable in their vintage attire.

They are not professional models. Just regular hardworking people like you and I –  and they want to celebrate their Love.


cool 50s couple photography

vintage couples romance photography

They remind me of a 1950’s Cool James Dean standing with a Sultry Elizabeth Taylor.

I have photographed Alley on several occasions, but this is the first time she has had RED HAIR – and It’s MY FAVOURITE.

This type of Old Fashioned 1950’s Romance Photo Session is Perfect for any Couple – young and old.


old fashioned 1950s couple romance

I asked for Cool from Alex and Sultry from Alley – and I got a DOUBLE DOSE!

Love how this photo turned out.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen – feel free to INSERT YOUR OWN SELVES in this image and imagine how amazing you would look.


kissing vintage couple wpg

Our old fashioned 1950s romance should have some kissing in it…so here ya go.

The 1950’s Dodge belongs to my studio and is available for photoshoots such as this one.

Note the Authentic Manitoba 1950 Licence Plate on the front!


winnipeg couples vintage style photography

winnipeg old fashioned 1950s photo shoot

If you are booking a Vintage Style Session – including an Old Fashioned 1950s Romance shoot – then I have a huge assortment of outfits for both men and women.

In this case, Alley’s dress belongs to the studio, as does Alex’s vintage hat (seen in other pics).

The retro luggage seen in some photos is also part of the studio prop inventory. It’s all FREE to use.


sexy 1950s pinup girl

1950s couples photography winnipeg This session took place all in one location, namely a beautiful park in Ste. Anne.

The lighting is professionally done with STUDIO LIGHTS as the Key Light and the Ambient light as a Fill.

This attention to lighting detail is what I feel elevates my studio images to the level of “Stunning”.

This photo would make an incredible Wall Art image in your home.


male environmental portrait

summer sexy senior portrait

Even though it’s an Old Fashioned 1950s Romance shoot, I still wanted to capture a couple of individual portraits.

Alex has his cool vintage look, while Alley has the beautiful summer pinup girl appearance.

I also edited these images in a Vintage Film style edit to give it even more retro atmosphere.


old fashioned 1950s engagement photography

This was one of my personal favourite images from this session. They both just look like a super hot 1950’s couple.

If you are looking for a Unique Couple’s Session or an Engagement Shoot – this them would be PERFECT!

Though time is definitely running out – as this is strictly an outdoor affair.


winnipeg engagement photography ideas

pinup girl style engagement shoot

Sometimes a girl just wants to POSE For A Pic!

My studio emphasizes Print Products from each session, though we also offer digital products.

With an image such as this, you don’t want this buried in your phone.

This needs to be displayed in your home as a reminder of how special you both are.


vintage love story

romantic 1950s engagement photography

The TIME to BOOK an Old Fashioned 1950s Romance SESSION is NOW.

Years from now, you will be able to look through your photo album and see stunning images such as these.

It will be a reminder of the Love You Have for each other that has spanned the years.


senior boy girl ywg photographer

funny engagement photography pose

So they “Just Couldn’t Wait To Get Home”!

My Old Fashioned 1950s Romance Couple’s Shoots are designed to Spark Romance…

Looks like it had the desired effect on Alley and Alex.

If you would like to EXPERIENCE this AMAZING Photo Session – then CONTACT me to book your date.

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“Here’s Looking At You Kid”!

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