If you saw our last Blog posting you are aware my studio now offers stunning Fitness Photography. This posting entitled, Manitoba Women Fitness photographer, features a number of amazing images with a Female competitor.   female boxer gym manitoba

My studio excels in providing fabulous looking images in a variety of genres. I am so proud to showcase this session featuring a female athlete in a variety of Fitness Styled Images.

When you come to my studio, you will receive what I call “FITNESS PORTRAITS” – meaning highly stylized images that go beyond the regular “recording of someone just lifting weights”.

As a Manitoba Women Fitness Photographer, I will devise a unique and custom session that focuses on YOUR Fitness Life.

  winnipeg fitness photography boxing

I’d like you to meet Crystal, who came to my studio for a unique Fitness Shoot.

I devised a session that showcased some bodybuilding images as well as some Boxing photos.

My studio has a variety of backgrounds that can be used for a fitness session, including this stunning Vintage Gymnasium.

Love how Crystal gave me that focused “kick ass” attitude look for this image.

  female bodybuilder photography winnipeg

Crystal has been training for about 5 years, mostly in strength training at a local gym, so she fit perfectly in this Manitoba Women Fitness photographer posting.

She also did some Muay Thai Training for a year and a half which accounts for her comfortability with the Fighting Gear.

Her shorter term goal is to be able to compete on stage in a physique contest. Long term goal would be to own a gym and supplement line.

She told me that throughout her life she had struggled with her body image and size – but after joining a gym, she really found her “place”.

Crystal credits her active lifestyle with improving her confidence and giving her a more positive outlook on life.

  women bodybuilder manitoba photography

I have developed a variety of editing styles that work well with the fitness genre.

You will have a choice of selecting colour or Black and White versions of your final photographs.

It’s matter of personal taste but the more options the better. I may also include a variety of croppings which can give a different “feel” to the image.

The Close-Ups usually increase the intensity of any image, which is ideal for a Fitness Session.

  woman gym locker athlete

In this Manitoba Women Fitness Photographer posting, I want to show you how creative my studio can be with your images.

I have some cool Lockers that I can use to create that “after the workout” scene.

Here Crystal looks like she has finished her strength training, and now it’s time for some “Protein Power”.

There is a variety of poses and possibilities that revolve around this general setting.

The images can be more fitness orientated – like this one – or can even have a boudoir like pose to it – for those wanting something a bit more alluring.

  sexy woman boxer wpg photography

Here again is this awesome background, which really can be used for any variety of poses.

Crystal gives a classic Boxer’s Pose – as if she is ready for the next MMA Fight.

My expertise in Studio Lighting means that I can create Dramatic looking Fitness Portraits, such as this one.

I am ACCREDITED in STUDIO PORTRAIT and PINUP photography with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC).

At the top of my website you will see the “Accredited Logo” which is only given to photographers who have achieved a consistent and professional high level in a particular genre.

  women exercise pose manitoba photographer My studio is known for it’s huge inventory of Vintage Props for my Pinup and Vintage Styled Shoots. I also have a well stocked variety of Fitness Props that you can choose from for your own session. As a Manitoba Women Fitness Photographer – I have the following items as a partial example:

  • Bench Press
  • Weights – Dumbells/Barbells/Plates/Kettle style
  • Large Boxing Bag, gloves, hand-wraps
  • Skipping rope, stretching bands, mats, fitness balls
  • Old style Gym Lockers

  canadian female fitness athlete

Fitness Sessions can be for ANYONE – and for ANY LEVEL of Fitness – and for ANY TYPE of Fitness.

If you train professionally, or are an intense amateur, or just as a regular lifestyle, then this session can be for you.

What better way to Celebrate YOUR DEDICATION to an active lifestyle – then having some Dramatic Fitness Portraits taken.

If you wish to showcase your “Before and After” progress, then the “After” images from my studio will dazzle your eyes.

  fitness determination photography

As a change in Composition – I wanted one of those “DETAILS” images for this Manitoba Women Fitness Photographer showcase.

These extreme closeups, with some cool editing – can really make that ultimate INTENSE image.

Crystal is all “chalked up” as she gets ready for a Power Lift.


manitoba women fitness photographer   Another one of my favourites from this session. The light and shadows combine with Crystal’s “attitude” to make a great Dramatic Fitness Portrait.

If you have a specific SPORT that you participate in – then I can create stunning images revolving around that theme.

Here is a link to 2 HOCKEY Sessions I have done that celebrate a man’s and a women’s love for their sportHockey 1     Hockey 2

  sexy locker room athlete steinbach boudoirwoman locker room pose

My final “locker room” styled images for this Manitoba Women Fitness Photographer blog posting.

A basic pose that accentuates Crystal’s Fitness Form inside her locker room.

So many options for YOU-THE-CLIENT, in regards to how you want to showcase your Fitness Life.

  women boxer photo confidenceathlete boxer portrait woman

The final FITNESS PORTRAIT of this session – and it’s a Good One!

Some very cool lighting and editing combined with an Intense Pose and Attitude, makes this shot a “winner”.

As an athlete – how would YOU like to have a similar styled image displayed in your Home or Office?

See my Contact Page on how to arrange a FREE consultation.

  mma style fighter poster women

As a BONUS – I am offering a FREE “MMA Style Fight Poster” to anyone booking a Fitness Session with me.

To qualify, you must Book the Date by June 30th, 2019. You also must select at least the 2nd Tier Image Package (which is 7 images) or more.

You can choose YOUR OWN NICKNAME for the Fight Poster.

That concludes this Manitoba Women Fitness Photographer posting. I hope it gives you more ideas and insight into the amazing quality and style of images available for men and women.

To see some of my other stunning genres, see these links:     Link 1     Link 2     Link 3     Link 4

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