Had the great pleasure in photographing a lovely young woman here in Ste. Anne to create this Manitoba Summer Lifestyle Photography shoot. I do a lot of indoor studio sessions, but wanted to showcase my photography abilities in an outdoor setting. This shoot is typical of what potential clients can expect as far as quality and stunning images for their own Outdoor Environmental sessions.


Please give a warm welcome to the very photogenic “Kayla” who looks like a Fashion Model for Vogue.

I took her out one evening here in Ste. Anne with just a general idea of the “looks” I was going for.

I had her bring a few different outfits, and we strolled around the park area in Ste.Anne, and created a number of beautiful images for this Manitoba Summer Lifestyle Photography posting.


winnipeg summer grad photography

As much as Kayla is photogenic, she actually has very little experience in front of the camera.

All her poses were created and fine-tuned by myself in order to have the most PLEASING look possible.

The slight adjustment of hands, and body position can turn a photograph from average to GORGEOUS!


manitoba summer model photography

I can add some fun small props to give my client’s “something to do” in their photos.

This Manitoba  Lifestyle Photography session would be as a GRADUATION Style Session.

I discuss wardrobe, styling, colour schemes and more to make the set look fabulous.


summer lifestyle emotional expression

Overall we were going for a bit of a Magazine Fashion look, including Kayla’s expressions.

However we do have a lot of fun on our sessions, and I managed to “crack her up” and capture the naturally beautiful smile.

It’s all about Stunning Images – Genuine Emotion – Amazing Experience.


lifestyle b&w manitoba model

Part of any client’s Manitoba Summer Lifestyle Photography session, is to inject some of their personal passions and hobbies.

In this case we are telling the story that this girl’s passion is photography.

The Black and White edit gives it a bit of vintage feel to the image, which I of course think is cool.


summer fashion manitoba model photography

winnipeg environmental lifestyle portrait

Wow! Does it get any better then this?!?

When I saw this image on the back of my camera, I got that “rush of adrenaline” that I get when I create a truly stunning pic.

Seriously, Kayla should be on the cover of a Summer Fashion Magazine.

She could sell Snow to Santa Claus.


sexy summer fashion senior photographybeautiful graduation model

We also added a little sexier part to the Manitoba Summer Lifestyle Photography set, as every woman loves to look and feel beautiful.

The first image is just a close up crop of the larger image. Both showcase Kayla’s genuine natural beauty.

During a consultation with a client, we will discuss exactly the style and “feel” you want with your session.

It could be images with fun conservative poses, or we can add some spice with a few more tantalizing poses such as above.


outdoor environmental photograph

If you are / were graduating, wouldn’t you absolutely LOVE an outdoor session like this to commemorate your milestone in life.

My studio offers a wide variety of Photo Products designed to appeal to clients and showcase their gorgeous images.

After any session, I will make a Viewing Appointment with the client.

This will be a meeting where the images are revealed. You the client will select the ones you LOVE and the products you wish to showcase them in.


graduation model pose

This is a completely Modern styled session.  I also can create a similar shoot, but with a Vintage Flair.

I have a huge variety of 1950’s dresses and vintage props to create a fun retro look for your photo shoot.

This same amazing lighting and styling can also be applied to a COUPLES shoot.


girl park soda steinbach

A Manitoba Summer Lifestyle Photography session can take place in Ste. Anne, or any location other location.

Ste. Anne has some beautiful scenery and a well shaded park that creates a beautiful setting.

I definitely will travel to most locations within a 100km radius of Winnipeg or Ste. Anne.


studio glamour

I added this studio image of Kayla just as a reminder that our studio portraits can be exciting and sexy as well.

Portraits don’t have to be boring, and plain. It’s all about the LIGHTING!

Don’t just capture memories – capture Drop-Dead Gorgeous Looking Memories!


black white vintage model

I wanted that Editorial Vintage “feel” to this shot, and edited it in this Black & White style.

The purse happens to be a prop I have as part of my inventory.

I think I have about 30 different handbags alone, available for use.


blowing dandelions winnipeg woman

The Classic “Blowing Dandelions in the Wind” photo with Kayla.

Had several attempts at this photo. The seeds would blow in a variety of places and I had to time it just right to get a great shot.

Perfect “breezy” image for this Manitoba Summer Lifestyle Photography posting.


summer days photography manitoba

I have known Kayla for about 7 months now and have seen her grow in her personal confidence.

She used to be quite nervous and anxious in front of the camera, but has since transformed into this Confident Empowered young woman.

My photo shoots (Lifestyle, Pinup, Boudoir etc) are designed to provide:

  • Empowering Confidence Building Experience
  • Stunning Images


summer beauty lifestyle photographer

How can you not get a SURGE OF CONFIDENCE if you woke up every morning and saw this kind of image of yourself, displayed on your wall or table?

This is why I emphasize Print Products.

Having this image buried in your phone will do very little for one’s confidence.

It keeps getting pushed further and further back the photo directory, as you continue to take pics with your phone.


beautiful woman closeup

Everyone has both inner and outer beauty and confidence.

My photo sessions are designed to make you LOOK and FEEL Your Best.

These sessions are also available for MEN as well.

To check out some of my other Outdoor Summer sessions, see these links:          LINK 1

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We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for:

Boudoir, Pinup, Fitness, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Grads,

Portraits, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Sports, Events.

Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!

“Here’s Looking At You Kid”!

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