Our LATEST Pinup Session offering is the very Unique and Exciting PINUP BAD GIRL shoot, shown in this Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl posting. This session is literally for ALL the LADIES out there. It’s all about EMBRACING the “Blacksheep” in you!


Winnipeg bad girl mugshot party

So many options in this Custom Session, and I will showcase as many as I can with my photos.

First of all – a True BAD GIRL – must have a MUG SHOT taken, just like the gorgeous Samantha Hawkins – a client of mine.

Though this posting has “Manitoba” in it’s title – this Vintage Doll actually resides in Ontario.

I have a Custom Message Board so we can create any type of Fun message you like.

There are also a variety of poses and fun ideas you can do just with this shot – as you can see – Samantha being “very bad” by Blowing Bubbles.


manitoba pinup bad girl mug shot

We can edit your MUG SHOT in either black and white or colour – whatever your taste.

My studio can also provide a variety of Leather and Jean Jackets FOR FREE use in your shoot.

I also have tank tops and some Vintage style pants. Samantha’s entire outfit was provided by my studio.


sexy manitoba vintage model

So what are some activities a Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl dame would do?

We had our Delicious Doll syphoning some gas from the studio 1950 Dodge.

Yes, I thing that qualifies as a “Bad Girl” activity. Somehow Samantha makes it looks so “hot”!


curvy editorial pinup photosexy editorial pinup street photography

Didn’t your mamma always tell you NOT TO HITCHHIKE???

Well our Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl Dame didn’t get the memo.

Here she is out in the mean streets of Ste. Anne, trying to grab a ride.

From this angle, I’m thinking the first car that comes by is going to screech to a halt.


winnipeg sexy pinup girl pose

Looks like the car stopped for our “Dangerous Dame” – but she only wanted to check her makeup.

With any of our Pinup Sessions, I highly recommend purchasing the professional Vintage Hairstyling.

Our Number One stylist and Makeup Artist is the super talented Cristina Mazzei of Urban Crush Salon in Winnipeg (who styled Samantha).

We also have a new and talented Vintage Stylist based out of Steinbach, namely Chelsie Wiebe.


manitoba rockabilly girl photographer

dangerous dame pinup girl winnipeg

Nothing says Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl like a cigarette and a switchblade – or course these are both faux props available for free.

LADIES – I’m sure most of you go through your lives Following-The-Rules and trying to “Stay Ahead”.

It’s Tough out there, and sometimes you just need to “Break Loose” and do something JUST FOR YOU!

BE A PINUP BAD GIRL For-A-Day! I promise you won’t get Arrested!


winnipeg vintage pinup model photography

cool soda girl vintage portrait

What else do Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl Dames do with their day?

Well they do a lot of “Hanging Out”.  They may have a soda and watch the Boys cruising by.

When YOU BOOK a PINUP SESSION with ME – you will EXPERIENCE the feeling of TIME TRAVEL.

Imagine dressing up as the Bad Girl, and having an Exciting few hours doing all the things “you’re not supposed to do”.

And I’ll capture it all in stunning photographs.


manitoba rockabilly vintage style photographer

classic vintage hairstyle victory roll

Looks like some of them boys and their cars stopped by, and our Bad Girl has decided to pose with them.

This session ideally works as an outdoor shoot – but I certainly could customize an indoor studio session with this same theme.

I have a HUGE INVENTORY of PINUP OUTFITS in sizes XS to 3XL currently. All of this is FREE for any client.

Plus a large assortment of Props, and Accessories to give your session a perfect Vintage look.


vintage lifestyle photography manitoba

editorial vintage lifestyle winnipeg

I loved this shot so much, I decided to show both versions.

Every Rockabilly Dame / Bad-Girl loves her 50’s Rock and Roll.

Here we managed to photograph this gorgeous Pinup Doll as she was walking in to Ste. Anne.

I think she has a smile on her face, because she’s humming an Elvis Tune – probably Jailhouse Rock!


vintage style bad girl steinbach

  Samantha strikes a confident Bad Girl pose in the 1950 Dodge – and looks stunning in the process.

All of my clients tell me how EMPOWERING these Pinup session truly are.

You have professional hair done – and then experience a high-end Pinup Photo Shoot, with all the attention on you.

The atmosphere is Fun and Relaxing. Once you are done you will have this feeling of EXHILARATION as you can say – I DID THAT!


bad girl pinup stealing hubcaps

Uh Oh – Looks like we caught our Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl in the middle of stealing some hubcaps.

That was a big deal back in the 50’s – so we had to incorporate it into this session.

Samantha always looks so gorgeous – even when she’s up to no good!


winnipeg rockabilly lifestyle photography

More “hanging out” with this Rockabilly Femme Fatale – a Lifestyle Fashion kind of photo.

I swear – Samantha could model “Bad Girl” clothing for any magazine out there – if there was such a clothing line!


sexy manitoba retro model

canadian pinup photographer vintage

The Pinup Bad Girl Experience starts – the Moment you hire me!

We have a chat about designing the poses and props for your own Custom Workflow.  You have direct input!

If you have an idea regarding “being a bad girl” – then likely I can create a shot for that scenario.

It’s not only exciting BEING THE BAD GIRL – It’s also Fun PLANNING To Be The Bad Girl!


Had some fun with the second image above…

Did you READ what the Book Title is?

It says, “How To Get Along With Boys”.

Thought it was a perfect fit for Samantha’s Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl themed session.


pinup hitchhiker vintage WPG

winnipeg vintage lifestyle photographer

Truth Be Told regarding these hitchhiking shots…the original idea was to have them photographed on a lonely country road.

As I started driving my car down the driveway, the brakes totally “gave out”.

So Plan B was shooting all the hitchhiker pics right there in my driveway. Samantha made it all look fabulous.


vintage lifestyle senior photography idea

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this image! The lighting – the pose – Samantha’s expression.



sexy bachelorette party mug shot vintage

All good things must come to an end – and so does Samantha’s Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl Session.

However, there is a place where All Bad Girls GO…


vintage pinup jail prisoner

winnipeg pinup prisoner bad girl

And that’s to J*A*I*L*!

If you had to spend “5 to 10 in the penn” – I would pick this Bad Girl as my cellmate!

I added a gel rim light to the colour pic to add some cool atmosphere. Samantha gave that perfect “LOOK”.

Not sure if she wants to get out – or if she wants the viewer to come in.


bad girl pinup wanted poster manitoba

manitoba wanted poster rockabilly photographer

Looks like there’s a happy ending so to speak – Samantha bribed the guard and is on the loose.

Here’s a recent WANTED POSTER I saw at the Post Office. They must really want her bad – as they had both a Colour and B&W version up there.


pinup bad girl tshirt logo

vintage and vogue logo t-shirt

winnipeg vintage style studio logo

As a SPECIAL “ADD-ON” to your Pinup Bad Girl Session – I offer the Mug Shot T-Shirt, in your choice of colour or B&W (for the mug shot).

Be Proud to be a Vintage Rebel! It’s EXCLUSIVE and only available with your Manitoba Pinup Bad Girl Session.

We’ll even take a few pics of you sporting your new Vintage TEE.

Serving the Winnipeg and Steinbach areas – and even our friends in Ontario (like Samantha).

Want to see MORE STUNNING PINUP Sessions? See the rest of my Blog or Check out these links:     Link1     Link2     Link3     Link4

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Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Sports, Glamour, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits.

Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!


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We Are Now Offering CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion.


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