I LOVE Vintage Styled photo shoots, but have never ventured into the 1960s. I had an incredible opportunity to do so with this Manitoba Groovy 1960s VW Photoshoot that is before you.

It will feature a gorgeous Model – a vintage Volkswagen Bus – fun Hippie Style images.

I have to thank Jamie Perrault from Ste. Anne, for allowing me access to her property and the VW Bus that was parked there.

It was for sale and apparently was picked up by someone a few weeks after this shoot.


manitoba hippie volkswagon photography

I saw this Groovy VW Bus parked on Jamie’s property when I happened to be cruising around Ste. Anne.

I loved the rusted patina and well worn look. Perfect for a photo shoot.

That blueish green colour mixed in with the white and rust, was visually enticing.

I had recently met “Denae” – who I thought would be the perfect model for this session.

She has a youthful exuberance that was ideal for my 1960s hippie vision.


winnipeg pretty hippie style model

I provided the hippie style blouse, and Denae provided the faded jean shorts and the vintage perfect braided hair.

All Props you see in this photo shoot were provided from the extensive inventory of my studio.

I don’t think you will find another photographer that has as many Vintage Themed props as I do.

So if you Love a particular Vintage Decade – then I am your guide to a Time Travel photo Shoot.


winnipeg hippie volkswagon photographer

The cardboard sign in the window of this VW Wagon was added by myself.

I wanted to add to the 1960s vibe with some sort of sign that a hippie might have in her bus.

I thought the “Nowhere In Particular” message, along with the famous Peace Sign were perfect.

Looking at Denae, I swear she’s back in 1965 just “hangin’ out”.


Manitoba Groovy 1960s VW and the Hippie


steinbach vw wagon vintage model

If you LOVE these photos, it’s because of the technical details that I pay attention to, for every one of my sessions.

In this case, I had to determine what time of the day that Denae was able to come for the photoshoot.

I scouted this location at the same given time in order to determine the sun’s lighting pattern. 

I formulated a lighting plan based on the sun’s direction as well as options for a sunny or cloudy day.


wpg 1960s hula hoop photoshoot

We brought studio strobes on scene in order to accent the lighting and vary the strength as required.

My intention was not to overpower the sun, but instead keep more of a balance with the ambient light.

I am NOT A FAN of the BLACK EYES look that is so common for a lot of outdoor photography. You see it in family sessions, engagements, and even weddings.

This happens because the main light is the sun, which is coming from above.

It creates a strong shadow from one’s eyebrow area, leaving the most important part of one’s features – the eyes – in varying degrees of darkness.

Using a studio strobe to lighten the eyes, makes a world of difference.


beautiful hippie woman model manitoba

Hippies love Peace, Pot and “far out” Music. We skipped the Pot and stuck with Peace and Music for this session.

I brought along a guitar for my gal to pose with. She looks like a 60’s girl just travelling the countryside with her music and VW Bus.

Love the “far out” headband for this image. Just another detail to add that vintage vibe to this Manitoba Groovy 1960s VW photoshoot.


groovy vw manitoba photoshoot

Do you have an Amazing Location or Setting in your “neck of the woods”?

A place you think would be fabulous for a Vintage or Modern Photo Shoot?

I can travel to your locale and create a stunning personalized photo session just for you.

Denae looks like she was made to order for this 1960’s Good Vibrations session.


DENAE – just CHILLIN’ In Her Manitoba Groovy 1960s Photoshoot


bts behind the scenes vintage photoshoot

good vibrations 60s model wpg

Our Hippie – reading her Vintage copy of a Nancy Drew Mystery.

I have to thank my 12 year old son “Willy” for assisting me in this shoot.

He was integral in fetching me props and most importantly, holding/stabilizing the studio lights in the wind.


vintage manitoba outdoor summer photoshoot

Anyone can be A STAR in their OWN Photoshoot.

It’s as simple as CONTACTING me for a FREE CONSULTATION to develop a theme or idea revolving around YOU.

Relaxed professional posing guidance is provided, which will make you look like a seasoned pro.

We also just plain HAVE FUN in our sessions as you see by Denae’s expression.


1960s musician woman model steinbach

If you book a photo session with me, we can really personalize it by adding a piece of clothing or a prop that is very meaningful to you.

I have done this countless times for Pinup and Boudoir Sessions.

Just adds that extra touch and personal detail.


sexy summer vintage fashion model

manitoba groovy 1960s vw photoshoot

“Nowhere In Particular” is exactly where we are in this Manitoba Groovy 1960s VW photoshoot.

I have developed a variety of Vintage editing styles over my years as a photographer.

The idea is to create an atmosphere and look that fits with the session.

I love how this editing style totally gives that vintage 1960’s vibe.


guitar hero winnipeg vintage photography

beautiful hippie girl vw bus steanne

We are near the end of this Manitoba Groovy 1960s VW Photoshoot.

Denae is ready to hop into her VW Wagon and head out on the highway.

Not sure if she picks up hitchhikers, but if you’re lucky enough to get a ride, then say “hello”.

She is fabulous to work with and a real Ray Of Sunshine!


summer manitoba hippie portrait

Ending things off with my Favourite shot of the session.

This angle and composition has some real 1960’s fashion “pop” to it.

If YOU want to have the EXPERIENCE of a high-end professional photoshoot Plus – STUNNING IMAGES…

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