Time Traveling to the late 1960’s for this Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas shoot. It stars a VW Bug, and a Beautiful Woman. Can’t ask for much more then that, right?


winnipeg vintage style photographer

So here’s are girl, barefoot and all, just like every else during the 1960’s…haha.

My lovely model for this collaboration is none other then Miss Denae, who I have now worked with on about 4 different shoots.

The VW Bug is courtesy of Jamie Perrault, from Ste. Anne.

Thank You Jamie for allowing us access to your vehicle and property!

I had spotted this vehicle sitting in her backyard when I happen to be cruising around Ste. Anne.


winnipeg senior grad photography

The 1960s were a time of Love, Peace, and feeling groovy.

What better way to showcase that, then running through the field with a pinwheel?

It was such a beautiful warm summer’s evening when I shot this Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas Shoot.

If you are looking for a Unique Location photo Shoot – I can travel most anywhere in Southern manitoba to make it happen.


behind the scenes photo shoot

I had my all important assistant for this shoot, namely my 12 year old son Willy.

He was able to ensure that my valuable studio strobes would not be blown to the ground.

If it seems strange to you to see me using a studio strobe in an outdoor daytime shoot – then let me explain.

I try to use them most of the time, as it is all part of the professional level of lighting and photography that you receive in my sessions.

I am not just bringing my camera to a shoot and then recording what is in front of me.


seniors graduation photography idea winnipeg

All of the outfits and props in this Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas Shoot were supplied by my studio.

If you are booking a Vintage Style Session with me, you will have access to my HUGE INVENTORY of outfits, props, accessories, and more.

This SAVES YOU MONEY – as there really isn’t anything extra to buy, when you Time Travel with me.


vintage style wpg senior photo shoot

Listening to a transistor radio was definitely a popular pastime back in the 1960s.

Believe it or not though, most people listened to AM Radio at the time. FM was still in it’s infancy.

Cost of Living in 1968:

  • Average cost of a house was about $15,000
  • Average yearly income was about $7900
  • New Cars were costing in the neighbourhood of $2800
  • Movie tickets were $1.50 and a gallon of gas was 34 cents.


retro manitoba grad photo shoot

On a hot day, one has a Coke! We just happen to have a Retro Version of both the cooler and the bottle.

Denae and I had discussed her hairstyling for this session and of course braids seemed to be the perfect answer.

If any professional photographers are looking for a reliable and experienced model, I highly recommend Denae.

She can display both a serious as well as playful side in her posing, as she has shown in this Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas Shoot.


manitoba grad photography ideas

Historical Events From 1968:

  • Martin Luther King is assassinated on April 14th
  • Senator Robert Kennedy is assassinated on June 5th
  • The Beatles release their White Album
  • Pierre Trudeau becomes Canada’s Prime Minister
  • The first “Big Mac” goes on sale and costs 49 cents


grad girls vintage portrait photography manitoba

The 60’s were all about “Flower Power,” which seems to be okay with Denae.

I actually shot TWO 1960’s themed photo shoots on this evening – both with Denae.

The second shoot involved a vintage VW Bus and will be showcased at some future date.

For now – you will have to get your 60’s “fix” from this Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas shoot.


vintage themed nostalgic photography


winnipeg senior grad portrait

This kind of outdoor photo shoot would be IDEAL for a GRADUATION SESSION or even as a COUPLES ENGAGEMENT SHOOT.

A truly UNIQUE EXPERIENCE and Stunning Images.

As you look at these photos – picture yourself as the model – and imagine what fun this experience would be.

Then the bonus of owning and displaying this high quality of photography for your very own session.


outdoor summer senior manitoba photography

Had some fun staging this shot. Wanted a bit more of a story-telling scene for this Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas Session.

I came up with the cardboard sign to add to our vintage 1960s hitchhiker.

Would you stop for this gorgeous gal and her rustic luggage? That’s what I thought.


vintage style senior girls photo ideas

Pop Culture from 1968:

  • Top Films include – Planet of The Apes; Rosemary’s Baby; The Graduate; Bonny And Clyde
  • Born this year include – Will Smith; Celine Dion; Naomi Watts
  • NASA launches Apollo 7 – the first manned Apollo mission
  • The first successful Heart Transplant is performed
  • The Emergency 911 Telephone Service is started in the USA
  • The CBS Show – “60 Minutes” premiers on TV


senior girls graduation portrait winnipeg

We finish the Manitoba Grad Photography Ideas shoot with a stunning vintage fashion portrait of Denae.

Love how this turned out with her pose – the composition – and the 1960s looking edit style.

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