This is a Manitoba Epic Fitness Journey in more ways then one. It’s first, all about a dedicated Manitoba Bodybuilder and his Epic Journey towards a Competition. It’s also an Epic Fitness Journey because the entire session was photographed inside the very awesome Epic Fitness & Ice Facility located in Ste. Anne, MB. I must give a personal “THANK YOU” to Tracey Tallaire, for allowing me the privilege of photographing the session inside her gym.  It’s a fabulous place to work out – and I know that personally, since I am a member there.


epic fitness gym steanne

Here’s where it all happened.

Met my Bodybuilding Client – Eddie Stackhouse  – inside the gym for our location photo shoot.

The plan was to shoot the session with my portable studio lighting.


gym manitoba

epic fitness gym

As you can see, it’s a great facility for a workout. Lots of free weights and machines to create any type of exercise regime.

However, for a photographer, this was going to be a very challenging shoot for several reasons.

First, the ceiling lighting was very harsh and directly overhead which caused unflattering shadows.

There were numerous regular gym members working out at this time, so I needed to be careful not to have them in the shots.

There is also a fabulous full length Wall Mirror that is great for working out, but not so great for a photo shoot.

The mirrors created issues in that I had to really plan out all the angles, since I did not want my Studio Lights in the various photographs.


bodybuilder stretching exercise

fitness photography manitoba

In April of 2018 Eddie was 240lbs. He is 5’8″ and was following a high calorie diet, for his Powerlifting Program at that time.

He found that he was getting injured quite often from this type of workout routine. Injuries caused him to miss his workout days and thus got fat instead of strong.

This is where his Manitoba Epic Fitness Journey really began.

He decided to make some changes in his exercise, his dietary program, and his goals.


bodybuilding curls

low fat bodybuilding

Eddie began to control his Carbohydrate intake, and within a year he had lost 100lbs.

His primary goal changed from Powerlifting, to Bodybuilding. He also wanted to compete in a competition that was sanctioned by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF).

This organization is dedicated to providing Drug-Free Bodybuilding Competitions throughout the world.


epic fitness exercise room

The WNBF has the strictest Drug Testing protocols of all the Bodybuilding Federations.

To enter a competition, the entrants have to submit to a Drug Test, a Urine Test, and a Polygraph.

This is all to ensure a “clean” sport and an even playing field for all the competitors.

There are a variety of Classes and it’s for both Men and Women.


manitoba weightlifting competition

manitoba fitness photographer

After months of strict dieting and intense workouts, Eddie was ready to enter a WNBF competition this year.

It was held on May 18th in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Manitoba Francophone Centre.

Eddie’s Manitoba Epic Fitness Journey hit a few “road bumps’ during the competition.

He was originally planning to enter the Men’s Physique Short Category, but due to some major spray tan issues, he was unable to compete in that one.

He competed in the Bodybuilding Class as a last minute entry and placed 6th overall. Eddie also received the “MOST INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY” AWARD at this event.


exercise rope work photography Eddie was of course hoping for a better result in the competition, but came away from it Inspired and ready to do more.

As he put it, “Rocky didn’t win the title in his first fight”. The following week or so he drove to Calgary for their WNBF Competition.

He practiced his posing routines to his chosen music until he felt confident in his presentation.

Eddie mentioned that the competition was much harder at this event, as the athletes were in even better bodybuilding shape.


fitness bodybuilding photography winnipeg

The competition was intense but the camaraderie was equally amazing.

The athletes were supportive of each other and spurred each other on.

With many more competitors AND a higher level of fitness in each competitor – Eddie placed 6th in the Men’s Physique Short Class.

Of course he wanted to do better, but the experience he gained was amazing.


ripped muscles exercise routine

The ultimate goal in this Manitoba Epic Fitness Journey is to win a competition and obtain a “PRO CARD.”

Once you have the Pro Card, you can enter the Elite Competitions of the WNBF, which are the Gold Cup Championships.


winnipeg bodybuilding competitor

Eddie related an interesting story about his competition experiences.

He met a Contact for the Canadian Elite Wrestling at one of these competitions.

He has the opportunity now to submit an application to become a Pro Wrestler if he so desires.


bicep muscle workout

manitoba bodybuilder muscle program

Eddie currently works out between 5 and 6 times a week.

His Diet involves consuming Lean Carbs such as Asparagus and Broccoli, as well as various Proteins.

Total daily Calorie intake is about 1800 calories.

It’s all about dedication and determination!


rowing machine exercise

Many thanks again to Epic Fitness & Ice for allowing me access to their facility.

If you are on the Ste. Anne area, I highly recommend checking them out for your own Fitness Plan.

They even have an exceptional Personal Trainer (Amanda Sobey) who can design programs for you and offers several Group Sessions.


gym promo shot

Eddie gained so much experience from his 2 Bodybuilding competitions.

I personally learned more about Location Photography, with this fabulous photo shoot inside the Epic Fitness & Ice Facility.

My overall plan was to use my studio lights to OVERPOWER the gym lights and thus having more control over the image lighting.

To highlight my client, I purposely had the backgrounds darker, so that Eddie would stand out in the images.

If I was to be photographing people working out in a gym, and the purpose was to showcase the gym then the lighting would be entirely different.

They would be well lit images where all the background details could be clearly seen – as the subject is the gym and not so much the people.


manitoba epic fitness journey

This Manitoba Epic Fitness Journey is not over for Eddie – it’s only the beginning.

Many more competitions to conquer and goals to reach.

As with any goals – it’s about the Process and not just the Finish.

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