Getting Married, or are you in a Bridal Party? Want something EXCITING and FUN to do on your BACHELORETTE PARTY? We have the answer in this Manitoba Bachelorette Party Ideas posting.

My studio offers a UNIQUE experience that will ENTERTAIN your Bridal Party and provide Amazing MEMORIES for all.

Many thanks to my Model “Darian”, who assisted me in this promotion. Though she wasn’t getting married, she told me she had a “Blast” doing this shoot.


manitoba bachelorette party ideas

It’s the “BAD GIRL MUG SHOT” Photo Party.

This is a special photo party designed to let the ladies have fun – go a little wild – and yet not be arrested!

No One will have a Criminal Record as a result of this photo shoot…haha.

I will set up a special Mug Shot Background that will be used for the entire Photo Party.


selfie queen photo party winnipeg

I have TWENTY Pre-Designed Mug Shot Signs that are available for the bridal party’s use.

They are Double Sided, as you can see by the first two images.

One side states a Theme for the lady – like “Selfie Queen” and you can write your name or anything you like in the blank space (like maybe a hashtag).

The other side states the same Theme for the Lady – like “The Bride” and then adds The Crime/Charge.


winnipeg fun bachelorette party portraits

This awesome Manitoba Bachelorette Party Ideas is available in a rented studio setting, a hall or business room, and also can be DONE IN A HOME.

A clear space of about 12 feet x 7 feet would allow me to photograph this session. Area to be cleared prior to my arrival.

This is NOT A PHOTO-BOOTH style session (cheesy posing and props/amateur lighting/poor editing).

As you can see from these images – the lighting is professionally created to simulate a Mug Shot – but still is Attractive.

I also edit each selected image as if it was to be in a Magazine.


WPG bridal party photo shoot

adults wedding bridal party girls

Not sure how to pose or what to do in front of the camera?

No problem. I can guide you with flattering yet fun professional poses and ideas for each Mug Shot Theme.

As well, your friends will likely also have some entertaining suggestions for your chosen Theme.

The idea of course is to just enjoy yourselves in a fun atmosphere, while we create some unique and memorable photographs.


Winnipeg bad girl mugshot partymanitoba pinup bad girl mug shot

I have a special Message Board that can be used to CUSTOMIZE a Personal Message for your Mug Shot.

This would be available for THE BRIDE so she can have a truly Unique Mug Shot Sign – if so desired.

The two images above illustrate a Pinup Style Mug Shot, which would not be the normally setting.

I only chose this photo to illustrate the Personal Message Board. Normally all the participants have their normal hairstyle.

Thanks to Model “Samantha” for posing for this image, as part of a larger Pinup Bad Girl Shoot.


bachelorette mug shot theme winnipeg party

party girls photography manitoba

For this Manitoba Bachelorette Party Ideas – Each party member will receive Two Different Photos that will be professionally edited. Choice of a colour or B&W version.

Generally the selection is done at the photo party, but under certain circumstances can be done later via private gallery.

Each participant will then receive a 4×6 Photo Book with ALL of the Photos contained within (maximum 20 images).

You will then have an actual keepsake to hold your memories of the event.




manitoba party girl portrait photographer

winnipeg girls night out party

All of the participants will also receive Social Media sized digital images that they can then post on their favourite sites.

There will also be a casual Group Photo that will be included in the package.

The BRIDE will receive a Larger 6×8 Photo Book – as she is the VIP of the event.

There are further options for purchasing more Group Shots; Individual Images; Single Prints; etc.


sexy female convict jail prison

The BRIDE also receives a BONUS THIRD IMAGE – Being this “Behind Bars” photo.

Other members of the party can upgrade their package to receive this photo style as well.

As part of this Manitoba Bachelorette Party Ideas – I will bring a variety of small PROPS to assist in your posing and accent the theme.

This would include sunglasses; faux cigars; handcuffs; hats; faux switchblade; faux alcoholic drink; leather jackets and more.


sexy wanted poster manitoba bachelorette bride

One of the EXTRA OPTIONS available is to have a WANTED POSTER created from a “Behind Bars” image.

Anyone at the party can order this option for an added cost. As you can see, it’s very authentic looking and professionally edited.

You would be able to personalize the poster with your OWN CHOSEN Nickname.


unique bridal party manitoba gift

girls manitoba party idea photography

Another great aspect of this Manitoba Bachelorette Party Ideas, is that its enjoyable for women of all ages.

You can be as creative as you like in your poses, or keep it more simple and conservative.

No need to spend extra money on outfits, or fancy hairstyles.

You can come casual, or dress up if you like. The more variety, the more interesting the entire photo party will be.


maid honour bachelorette idea steinbach

winnipeg girls gone wild photo party

This special photo party is available for the Winnipeg and Steinbach areas, as well as parts in between.

No extra charge to come to your Home or Garage or Business location in order to create this fun photo experience.

I am marketing this as a Manitoba Bachelorette Party Idea – however it could also be for any type of party.

Birthday – Anniversary – Christmas – Office Party – and more.


steinbach bachelorette party idea

The List of Mug Shot Signs is as follows:

  • Selfie Queen – Wild Thing – Drama Queen – Cougar – Maid Of Dishonor
  • Hot Mama – Trophy Wife – Shot Queen – Hot Mess – The Bride
  • Sugar Mama – The Tease – Total Diva – Virgin Mary – Dancing Queen
  • Saucy & Bossy – The Blonde – Gold Digger – Karaoke Star – The Flirt


karaoke singer bachelorette party canada

Hopefully this Manitoba Bachelorette Party Ideas blog posting has perked your interest in our Mug Shot Photo Party.

It’s all about “Girls Gone Wild”, yet there are No Arrests – No Criminal Records.

Just an Exciting Experience – A Chance To Bond Together – Celebrate The Bride – Have Fun – Create Memories!

I have TWO basic pricing options that start at either $75.00/person or $90.00 per person (prices/packages subject to change without notice).

Remember – I Can COME TO YOUR LOCATION – Done in the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME or other location.

* * *

I do offer other styles of Bachelorette Parties which include PINUP – CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD – VINTAGE/MODERN FASHION.

CONTACT ME using info on my CONTACT PAGE.

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We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for:

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Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!


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We Also Provide CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion.


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