What would you say is the ultimate Canadian Pinup Theme? The answer is a Sexy RCMP Pinup Doll as the Great Canadian Pinup Idea eh! The RCMP are an iconic symbol of Canada, so what better way then to celebrate your Canadian roots, then booking this hot new theme.


great canadian pinup idea

sexy rcmp girl

I have the very Canadian and very sexy Brianne K. here to showcase this fabulous new Pinup theme.

It’s available for clients ranging in size from a small to an XL I believe.

I have two different sets of uniforms for this shoot. One is a complete Authentic Uniform with pants, suspenders, belt, and hat.

The other uniform is a replica costume that would serve the plus size clients.


canadian pinup theme idea

There are a variety of BACKGROUNDS that could be used for this particular session.

I chose a scenic Canadian Country Highway in the Mountains, for this Great Canadian Pinup Idea posting.

You could also be photographed on my standard White Background that could then be edited to give a vintage texture.

There are even options for adding in digital backgrounds to create some unique looks.


canada day tribute

canada day sexy celebration

Here you can see the famous “banana pants” (yellow stripe) that goes with this outfit.

So many fun poses you can do in this set. You can be Sassy and Revealing OR a little more Conservative in your poses.

It’s all up to you. We decide all of this together in your consultations with me prior to the shoot.

We have a ton of outfits and ideas for any Pinup Theme.


beautiful police model manitoba

Did I mention we have some fun PROPS for you to play with in your Great Canadian Pinup Idea session?

This cute Hobby Horse is all ready to be mounted and ridden by any of our Pinup Gals.

Don’t worry about being “bucked off”, as this Stallion is gentle with the ladies.


made in canada tattoo

made in canada model

gun toting rcmp girl

Here is the famous “Sam Browne” Belt that comes with this uniform.

Wear it with the full uniform, or maybe as a standalone piece just like Brianne.

Did I mention we have Handcuffs too for this Great Canadian Pinup Idea shoot?!?


rcmp pinup salute manitoba

great new pinup theme

Your “look” wouldn’t be complete without the famous Brown Stetson Hat that Brianne is holding.

This Great Canadian Pinup Idea would make a UNIQUE and EXCITING Gift for YOURSELF or “Someone Special”.

Our Pinup Session info can be found at this LINK.


horse riding pinup rcmp

retro sexy model photo shoot

This is our SECOND HORSE Prop we have to play with.

More Fun Poses as your Stallion rides with you into the Canadian countryside.

My studio offers a wide variety of Print Products available for all sessions.

Pricing for the products is available upon request from a telephone conversation. 

I do not send it out from email or social media requests.


canadian police cosplay model

implied nude cosplay pinup

Hmmmmm. Give YOURSELF a CONFIDENCE BOOST with this Great Canadian Pinup Idea session.

Guaranteed you will feel Exhilaration and an Uplifting Feeling after your session.

Purchase an Album or Wall Art from your set.

When you need a little “pick me up” during the day – just take a gander at your stunning photographs.


winnipeg great pinup photographer

Lucky for Brianne there was no Vehicles coming from “behind” on that highway.

Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful lady.

This COULD BE YOU! It’s likely on your BUCKET LIST – so let me make it happen for you.

The photo shoot is an EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE – and then seeing your images after, is a Beautiful Bonus!


cosplay model gun play

Yes we even have some Faux Guns lying around in case you want to play with a “Six Shooter”.


Become a Published Pinup Model in one of many Amazing Pinup Magazine.


pinup magazine cover photography

Brianne had this session Published in the Largest Pinup Magazine on the planet, namely Delicious Dolls Mag.

As you can see, she was the COVER GIRL for this recent issue.

She is the ONLY CANADIAN to ever grace The COVER of this magazine THREE TIMES!

Congrats Brianne!


table of contents

page 1 canadian pinup

A Great Canadian Pinup Idea would be to become a Published Model.

I can make it happen for YOU! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I can not guarantee a Cover, but I can certainly guarantee your images grace the pages of a popular Pinup Mag.


page magazine pinup idea

magazine interview

If STYLED CORRECTLY, I can guarantee you a spot in Delicious Dolls Magazine.

This magazine is the Largest One (by popularity), but it also requires sexier poses and a more revealing style.

If this is YOUR STYLE for pinup, then this definitely could be you.

I have a special Pinup Magazine Package that may be perfect for you.

See my Pinup Pricing page for details.


sexy published canadian pinup magazine model

implied nude great canadian pinup model

You can also have the “I Want To Be Published” portion of the package FREE if you purchase Print Products valued at $650 or more.

Buy a sexy Album or some stunning Wall Art showcasing your Pinup Beauty, and then have a bonus Magazine Publishing.

It’s the Ultimate EMPOWERING and CONFIDENCE BOOSTING Session ever!

You will have BRAGGING RIGHTS with all your friends with this Great Canadian Pinup Idea.


sexy pinup model wpg

best winnipeg pinup photographer

If your style is a bit more conservative – you can still become a Published Pinup Model.

There are several other reputable Pinup Magazines that accept a more conservative “look”.

The one consideration with submitting to a Magazine, is that images CAN NOT be released until the magazine Publishes them.

So there may be a wait before you can receive your images.

To see other Great Canadian Pinup Ideas, check out the links to my other Pinup Sessions: LINK1

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Limited Sessions Each Month…CONTACT us now for a free consultation.

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We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for:

Boudoir, Pinup, Fitness, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Grads,

Portraits, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Sports, Events.

Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!

“Here’s Looking At You Kid”!

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