I have had so many recent clients that have sent me emails, thanking me for giving them a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, and an EMPOWERING FEELING. This Blog Posting titled, Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir photography is all about showcasing images and an experience that WILL BOOST YOUR EGO and assist you in INCREASING YOUR CONFIDENCE.


manitoba boudoir photography model

I have recently revamped my Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Sessions, so as to simplify the options for clients. (Sessions are for Manitobans in my travel radius).

A Standard Boudoir Session will have:

  • Classic Light & Airy Bedroom Poses with Studio Lighting
  • Classic Window Light poses

A Light & Airy bedroom image is showcased above with the oh so lovely “Crystal”.

I have compiled a number of “Client Favourite” Poses and developed a Beautiful “Shot List” for everyone’s session.

You will be able to view – ahead of time – various poses and “looks”, and then choose exactly WHAT YOU LOVE and NOT HAVE poses you dislike.

Optional Boudoir Session Add-Ons:

  • A Specific Vintage or Modern Theme, such as Sexy Vintage Detective (see link) – or other theme. I have many costumes (waitress/nurse/etc).
  • BOLD or Conservative STUDIO Boudoir Portraits (such as the images a few rows down).
  • Custom Concept like my Voyeur’s Boudoir Session (see link) or Rainy Day Boudoir (see link).




sexy window light boudoir model

Window Light Example

During your FREE CONSULTATION we will discuss your Personal Tastes and go over all the potential options.

These options for the “Light & Airy” as well as the “Window Light” include such topics such as:

  • How Sassy will my photos be? (Lingerie, Implied Nude, Fully Nude).
  • Bedroom Setting with Bed / Use of French Provincial Sofa / Other Furniture pieces (a bar).
  • Variety of Props can be added to create a theme or setting.
  • Possible Vintage Props/Lingerie available, if you desire a Retro Look.


local nude boudoir photography model

Light & Airy – and Sassy

Nude can be Beautiful and Classy – just like Crystal in her gorgeous photo from my Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting.

Your own Boudoir Experience can be conservative or more sassy – it’s all about your comfort level.

You can also step OUT of your comfort level and be BOLD with some Dramatic Studio Boudoir Images.


wpg dramatic boudoir studio photographer

Bold Boudoir Portrait

sexy lingerie portrait steinbach photographer

The above images from this Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting are great examples of the Bold Studio Boudoir Options available.

These involve more Shadows and are Dramatic in Lighting and Style. They have a more Mysterious and Bold “Feel” to them.

Perfect choice for some clients as an ADD-ON to their Light & Airy Session. A Real Confidence Booster!


woman undressing beauty lingerie

Part of the Light & Airy Session poses. This is one that a lot of Client’s Husbands/Partners just LOVE, as it gives that perfect SEDUCTION VIBE.

My Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Session can be the PERFECT GIFT for: – YOUR PARTNER – or – FOR YOURSELF – !

The actual EXPERIENCE of my photoshoots if a GIFT FOR YOU – as you will feel Exhilarated and Ego Boosted after it’s over.

The Jaw Dropping images can be a Gift for BOTH of YOU.



window light sexy model steinbach

B&W sexy empowering boudoir winnipeg

Add a PERSONAL TOUCH to your Boudoir Session, by wrapping yourself in “His” Shirt.

When you show him the final images, he will ALWAYS be thinking of you whenever he puts on that shirt.

It’s a great way to ADD some SIZZLE and ROMANCE to one’s relationship.

You can also have some images in your favourite lingerie, as a way of mixing up the SPICE.


classic lingerie photography pose

implied nude bedroom winnipeg boudoir

As part of your FREE CONSULTATION for your Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Session, we will discuss clothing and lingerie options.

It’s important to have matching sets, as well as styles that flatter your figure and you feel comfortable in.

You may even want to consider adding Garter Belts and Stockings to give it a Vintage Flair for some of your shots.


dramatic studio sexy portraits

winnipeg nude sexy boudoir poses

As you look at these images from this Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting…

Think of the VARIETY of POSES and LIGHTING that you are seeing.

MOST Photographers will NOT BE ABLE to photograph Light & Airy Studio Shots + Window Light shots + Dynamic/Bold Studio shots all in ONE SESSION.

Let your Creative Juices Flow as you Customize your own photo shoot.

AND – not only do you have OPTIONS – but the IMAGES ARE ALL STUNNING!


black lingerie sexy legs steinbach

overhead bedroom boudoir pose photographer steanne

ALL of these images in this Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting were photographed at my Home Studio in Ste. Anne.

With my Expertise in Lighting and Photography, I can create these (and other) High-End Professional images without a full size studio.

Come out to Ste. Anne for a relaxing 20 minute drive from Winnipeg’s Perimeter.


It’s all part of that “FEEL GOOD” Experience for your Boudoir Session.


sexy black lingerie cleavage

nude window light boudoir photography wpg

As you look at these images – PICTURE YOURSELF – here at the studio – becoming a Boudoir Beauty!

Every woman has Beauty in Her Soul and her Form…it is my duty to Capture it all.


implied nude portrait

bold sexy steinbach boudoir photographer

Whether you are TIRED of the WINTER CHILLS or want to do something EXCITING during the SUMMER HEAT – my Boudoir Session is the Answer.


Take a BREAK from Your HECTIC Lifestyle. The Job – The Kids – The Traffic – The “(fill in the blank)”.

Do Something JUST FOR YOU!


beautiful winnipeg woman lingerie model

empowering winnipeg boudoir photography

Your Confidence and Ego will explode with exhilaration as participate in your very own Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Session.

If you are wondering – “Just Why Are These Images So Gorgeous?”

I am an ACCREDITED Photographer with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC).

This means I have had my photographic work scrutinized by a panel of Master Photographers who have deemed my work to be Consistently of High Professional Quality.

There are NO Professional STANDARDS for photographers in Canada. The PPOC created their organization back in the 1960’s to remedy the situation, and have a way for the general public to assure themselves of hiring a Quality Pro Photographer.

The “ACCREDITED” Logo on my website is what you should look for in hiring YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. It means STUNNING IMAGES – PROFESSIONAL ETHICS – PRIVACY.


bedroom beauty lingerie photographer manitoba

It’s TIME TO FEEL  –  E*M*P*O*W*E*R*E*D  –  C*O*N*F*I*D*E*N*T  –  !

Contact Me NOW – to BOOK YOUR OWN session and Start “Owning The World”.

Feel “The Rush” of a BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT!

To see other amazing boudoir sessions – check these links:     LINK 1     LINK 2     LINK 3     LINK 4

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Limited Sessions Each Month…CONTACT us now for a free consultation.

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We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for:

Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Fitness, Grads, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits.

Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE!


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We Also Provide CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion.


To see other Stunning Sessions – Click Here – And then scroll through all the shoots.


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