I recently decided that I wanted to create some STUNNING IMAGES, but this time for COUPLES. Here are some amazing Naughty And Nice Couples Portrait Ideas.

Perfect for SPARKING ROMANCE for Married Couples; Engaged Couples; and People In Love!

These will NOT BE those ho-hum stiff looking portraits that have no emotion or feel to them.


Naughty And Nice Couples Portrait Ideas – Part 1 – “50 Shades Of Red”


winnipeg romance sexy couples boudoir

This first set is all about Sparking Romance and some Naughtiness in your relationship.

Many thanks to Brianne and Tyler for assisting me in this Naughty and Nice Couples Portrait Ideas posting.

So the first idea theme is to add some RED to the session, since Red can signify LOVE and PASSION.

The background was specifically chosen to be Red damask, Brianne is wearing sexy Red lingerie.

Tyler also has Red in his tie to bring it all together.


naughty and nice couples portrait ideas

To add some MYSTERY to this set, I had Tyler turn and face away from the camera.

This perspective creates a “Mystery Man” idea and a sense of hidden excitement.

Their are a variety of potential poses revolving around just these couples portrait ideas.

You could certainly switch up the positions so that the woman is seated and the man is wearing more revealing clothing.


sexy winnipeg couples boudoir

Take note in this 50 Shades of Red Theme, that the LIGHTING matches the mood.

It’s supposed to be mysterious, so as a photographer – you should be conveying that message with your lights and shadows.

I’ve kept pretty much the same basic pose, but added the prop and changed Brianne’s interaction with Tyler.


manitoba sexy couples portrait ideas

boudoir portrait photographer winnipeg

I should emphasize that these are MEANT TO BE SEXY COUPLE’S Boudoir-Style PORTRAITS, and NOT Couple’s Lifestyle Boudoir.

The Difference being: a Lifestyle session usually does NOT INVOLVE very exacting lighting.

The lighting in fact could be poor or harsh, but you are photographing the interaction of the couple.

In this Couples Portrait Ideas set, I want to show how a couple can pose for a Portrait and still have it SEXY and ROMANTIC at the same time. 

These couples portrait ideas SUGGEST Potential HOT INTERACTION about to happen. Nothing Boring here!


manitoba boudoir couples photography

In this image we have AMPED UP the energy and interaction.

I have FROZEN THE MOMENT, but your mind continues forward – thinking of “What Is About To Happen.”

The lighting for this image changed significantly and took time to arrange – but the final image was worth it.

What I also really like about these couples portrait ideas is that the poses/looks are fairly easy for the male.

I have found that many men are not as attracted to “performing” in front of the camera, so this set is ideal for them.

It also projects a STRONG CONFIDENT WOMAN.


exciting engagement portrait ideas

Obviously this pose isn’t for every couple, so as a professional photographer, you will want to discuss your ideas ahead of time.

Brianne and Tyler were up for a little FANTASY FUN in the studio, and I loved how this turned out.

As a Couple – imagine having one of the above SEXY and ROMANTIC Portraits hanging in your bedroom.

A reminder of the PASSION in your RELATIONSHIP.


Naughty And Nice Couples Portrait Ideas – Part 2 – “Mystery and Lifestyle”


classic B&W engagement portrait suggestion

Black And White is always a Classic “look” for Photography, which translates well as great Couples Portrait Ideas.

The Dramatic Lighting with a Black Background adds to isolating the couple from the shadows.

I wanted to capture a CLOSEUP portrait, having Brianne and Tyler look lovingly into each others eyes.

This is a Timeless Portrait Idea that ANY COUPLE would LOVE.

It is Classy and Conservative – yet still projects a sense of LOVE.


cinematic style couples portrait steinbach

To change it up a bit for Couples Portrait Ideas, I wanted to do a more Film Noir “look.”

The lighting and effects are very dramatic, with some heavier shadows as part of the Film Noir culture.

The pose has that Cinematic Film Noir feel to it. Brianne looks like a Mysterious and Sexy Femme Fatale.

Tyler is now outfitted in a Tank-Top and showcasing his amazing Ink.

It all comes together for  a UNIQUE and Sexy Couple’s Portrait.


classic cinematic film noir couples ideas

This is the same image, but cropped tighter to give a more intense look at our Couple.

I also added back the colour, but kept the mood and look as a Cinematic Film Noir image.

No fancy studio required, as this was shot in my living room.

It’s all about professional posing and lighting to match your intended look and mood.

Another Unique and Exciting Couple’s Portrait Idea.


couples lifestyle engagement photographer winnipeg

Here we have CHANGED the MOOD and PRESENTATION again. Same Living Room as above.

As part of presenting Couples Portrait Ideas, I wanted to also shoot a LIFESTYLE “look.”

The Setting of having a Couple Celebrating with Champagne etc. is a Perfect Couples Lifestyle  idea.

The lighting is still Studio Strobes, but blended with the Window light to make it more Natural / Lifestyle in Appearance.

A variety of celebratory embraces could be photographed simply from this position and lighting.

AND YES – I purposefully had the SPILT GLASS in the image. It’s a FAUX SPILL – but adds to the frenzied excitement of their EMBRACE.


Naughty and Nice Suggestion – Part 3 – “Glamour Magazine Style”


glamour magazine style couples portrait ideas

Maybe your couple wants to LOOK and FEEL like they were on a MODERN MAGAZINE COVER.

So here is another suggestion for Unique and Exciting Couples Portrait Ideas.

Lighting is the key to this suggestion. I used Classic Glamour Butterfly Lighting on a white seamless background.

Add in 2 Rim lights and 2 Gelled Background lights for a total of 6 lights to make this Sexy Fashion Model Appearance.


high fashion glamour photography

manitoba magazine model couple

Colour or B&W works well with this style of photography.

Couples will Look and Feel like Top Fashion Models with this type of session.

The Men can still look COOL, while the Women will look Gorgeous – and together the Couple looks like a Sexy Power Couple.


B&W fashion headshot photographerheadshot real estate photographer

I took a basic photo of Brianne when I was setting up the lighting for exposure.

What’s amazing about this Lighting Setup, is that you can transition from Couples to a few Individual Images as well.

No need to change or move the lights.

Everybody will look Stunning with this Clamshell Lighting pattern.


This Glamour Style for an Exciting Couples Portrait Ideas has an added benefit.

You can have the couple styled in Casual clothing – Grunge – Well Dressed etc.

It pretty much all works.


power couple fashion photographer manitoba

We started out with the NAUGHTY – the Seductive Boudoir-like images for a Couples Session.

I then transitioned through the Film Noir Style and Lifestyle Images to showcase more Options of FABULOUS PORTRAITS.

We finished with the NICE – being the High Fashion Glamour appearance.

MY STUDIO offers ALL of these Sessions to COUPLES, Desiring an EXCITING photo shoot EXPERIENCE…

AND – UNIQUE as well as JAW-DROPPING Images.


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