This will not be my studio’s usual posting of a fabulous Vintage Style photo shoot. Instead, as an artist I wanted to try something new. This led me to photograph a session in an editorial style – to showcase a vintage fairy tale. The story is a staged WW2 Couple’s Engagement Photography Winnipeg setting. Shot at the Winnipeg Railway Museum, the Union Station, and The Forks by the outdoor vintage trains. Due to the large amount of photos involved in relating this story, the entire session will be divided into 2 extensive Parts.
winnipeg railway museum photo shoot

Welcome to the Winnipeg Union Station located at 123 Main St.

This grand building was constructed between 1908 and 1911.

This is the home of the Winnipeg Railway Museum – as well as housing the regular train terminals.


winnipeg train station photography

The building was designated as a National Historic site for Canada back in 1976.

The magnificent architecture is called Beaux-Arts.

And Now – on with the show…


ww2 vintage couple's engagement photography

The Story:

It’s August 15th, 1945 and WW2 has ended.

A battle worn sailor telephones his lovely girlfriend that he is on his way home. They are meeting at the Winnipeg Railway Depot.

Both must ride the rails from their current locations, to arrive in Winnipeg.


Winnipeg photographer ww2 sailor

Meet: Tyler PHILL – our adventurous WW2 sailor.

He’s made a call to his sweetheart, and now packed his duffle bag for his trip home.

This huge photo project was the result of TEAM WORK from several exceptional people, who I will introduce throughout the session.


Winnipeg railway museum vintage model

Introducing: Courtney MANDOCK – our 1940’s sweetheart.

She has hopped on a bus and is riding to her nearest train station to meet her beloved.

(These images were actually shot on a train in the museum – but for the story, they are narrated as a vintage bus ride).


Winnipeg photography couples engagement

Vintage HAIR STYLING: Cristina MAZZEI of Urban Crush Salon

Vintage MAKEUP: Karla CHIN of Karla Chin Makeup Artistry.

Observe throughout this session how Courtney radiates vintage beauty and fashion.

Mazzei’s and Chin’s excellence in their craft, was critical in achieving such stunning appearance in all the photographs.


Winnipeg couple's engagement photography

Inside the 1919 passenger train car at Winnipeg Railway Museum.

“Our sailor has boarded his train, thinking of his long awaited love.”

All props used in this session were provided by my studio and available for all vintage photo shoots.

vintage train tracks

It’s a long trip to Winnipeg along these tracks.


railway museum couple's engagement

Tyler’s authentic vintage sailor uniform and Courtney’s retro styled dress also provided by my studio.

I have decided to mix and showcase a few different editing styles in order to give an authentic vintage feel to the session, as well as showcasing some of the wonderful colours in the various outfits and train settings.


train museum engagement couple

“Off the bus, and at the Depot – Booking a train to Winnipeg to meet her man.”


steinbach engagement photographer

A Big Thank You to my fabulous and patient models – Courtney and Tyler.

I approached them a while back with my staged couple’s engagement photography Winnipeg Train Museum concept.

 They both needed to become actors and immerse themselves in their roles.


winnipeg photographer vintage lifestyle shoot

They both loved the idea and looked forward to modelling a vintage editorial shoot.

Courtney strikes a pose – before buying her “train ticket to paradise.” 


vintage railway train station Winnipeg

Soon to board her train at the terminal.


steinbach photographer engagement photography

Passing time on the long ride home.

Our sailor with his copy of “the great news”.

This is an authentic vintage newspaper from August 15th, 1945 – and was provided by my studio.


vintage military style photography

“Riding the rails, from the East coast to Winnipeg.”

I have to also thank Doug Bell, the President of the Winnipeg Railway Museum for making this location available for my vintage photo project.

Also the staff that were working on the day of the shoot were exceptional to deal with.


couple's engagement photography winnipeg

“Our alluring doll has boarded her Train to Winnipeg.”

This turned out to be my favourite photograph of Courtney from the day. It has such beautiful atmosphere.

The mixing of dim natural light with studio light made for a very challenging day.


WPG vintage lifestyle photographer shoot

The 1922 Mac B-1 Railbus at Winnipeg Railway Museum.

Another stunning visual of “vintage” Courtney.

An editorial project such as this presented a huge array of challenges and required tremendous planning.


vintage fashion photographer WPG

This was not to be your normal “posed stances” in a studio with controlled lighting.

The first step involved scouting the location and taking numerous photos to stimulate the creative process.


WW2 retro winnipeg photographer

As this was not going to be a video – I had to decide how to tell this story with still photographs.

It was a matter of breaking down the narrative into small meaningful parts.


winnipeg model retro fashion glamour

“(My other favourite drop dead vintage gorgeous Courtney image).”

 Then photographing these scenes in an editorial manner.

This included shooting from a variety of angles not normally shown in “posed sessions”.


WPG railway museum train signs

Vintage train signs guiding Courtney to her beloved sailor!


40s vintage style model engagement photography Winnipeg

Our 1940’s “dish” waiting at the Winnipeg Train Depot.


Winnipeg railway museum couples session

“The sailor has finally arrived, and spots his beau.”

This would be a perfect example of an editorial style angle that assists in story telling.


vintage passenger Manitoba train car

The sailor’s passenger car bathed in warm glowing light.

couple's engagement lifestyle photographer

The long awaited moment!

This must have been a very common and joyful scene back in 1945 when so many lucky couples were finally reunited.

To those service men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice – I give my deepest gratitude.

This image was particularly difficult to light, as I needed both Tyler and Courtney illuminated.

 My studio uses high end professional equipment allowing me to synchronize the light inside the train with the light on the trackside.


vintage military couples engagement images

“The blissful long awaited reunion – with a reminder that Peace awaits them! “

I really strived for an authentic vintage looking reunion image in this session.

The editorial pose and retro edit I feel really accomplished that goal.


vintage sailor couple reunion

A colour version to tantalize your eyes.

 The confined spaces in the railway cars was another obstacle to deal with in lighting these scenes.

I had to switch back and forth from larger battery pack strobes to small off-camera Canon strobes.

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