NEWS FLASH! During the middle of the afternoon in 1950 July – the siblings of Bonnie And Clyde – namely BONNIE AND CLAIRE – pulled a Daring Daylight Bank Heist in Ste. Anne Manitoba.

There were no injuries, but the whole Town was reeling from the fact that such CELEBRITIES had “rolled through this town” – and pulled such a Brazen Bank Robbery.

This was very reminiscent of their Celebrity GrandParents – the original Bonnie Barker and Clyde Barrow.


1930s gangsters

This is an actual snapshot of the original Bonnie And Clyde, who became famous in the Great Depression Era of the 1930’s for their robbery exploits.

They were Young and Wild and became Celebrities of sorts, during the “Public Enemy Era”. They were eventually ambushed and killed by police officers in Louisiana in 1934.

What HAS NEVER BEEN REPORTED was that this couple bore children, and now the original Bonnie And Clyde have Two YOUNG and WILD GRANDCHILDREN…


wanted poster vintage gangsters

Meet… ***  BONNIE and CLAIRE ***   Claire is actually on the Left (looking at the poster) and Bonnie is on the Right.

There are the grandchildren of Bonnie and Clyde and happened to pass through Ste. Anne, Manitoba during a 1950 July summer day.

I happened to BE TIME TRAVELLING that day in my own Time Machine – and stopped in Ste. Anne in July of 1950.

The “ladies” happened upon my place and Hijacked my 1950 Dodge. They also TOLD ME to Photograph their EXPLOITS while in town…or else.


bonnie and clyde portrait

The first thing they TOLD ME to do, was take a Cool Portrait of them in my studio.

How do you say No, when these Gorgeous Gals have their “IRONS” pointed in your direction.

This was the final portrait shot that they really liked, and sent this card off to their parents who were holed up in some unknown location.


pinup gangster photoshoot steanne

1930s vintage model manitoba

So the first order of business for these gals was to do a little cruising under the Manitoba sun.

Though I was trembling with fright, I managed to keep these two Dangerous Dames in Focus for these shots.

Though I knew they were “Bad Girls” – I somehow was “Drawn to Them”.


bonnie and clyde photographer winnipeg

Girls and Their Guns!

They always kept a wary Eye out for “The Law”, as they knew they had a Bounty on their lovely heads.

Every time a car drove by, these two Bonnie and Clyde siblings drew their firearms.

From what they told me, they could shoot a man’s trouser button off from 50 yards away. I DID NOT want to test that statement.


vintage style model steinbachbeautiful retro style model manitoba

It was rare for one of them to put down their guns, but when they did I managed to score a lovely image.

Claire preferred to hang on to her “Chicago Typewriter” (Tommy Gun) – for most of the day – calling it her “Best Friend”.

All I knew was I was happy to be ALIVE and at the same time EXCITED to be in the Company of such Daring Dolls!

I wasn’t sure what was in store for the rest of the day, so I just kept snapping my photos.


bonnie and clyde couples style photography winnipeg

They hopped in the car and told me to get in quick – as they were about to “Do A Job”.

I wasn’t sure what that exactly meant – but I didn’t think it was going to be Legal.

What choice did I have with Bonnie and Claire? They had the same DNA as their grandparents – Bonnie and Clyde.

After hopping in the car, they told me they were planning on a Bank Heist right in the heart of Ste. Anne.




manitoba vintage bank robbery photography

couples bonnie and clyde photography winnipeg

I was basically informed to “Capture The Action” with my camera, as they pulled off their daring Bank Heist.

They went in several times, grabbing bags of money – and looking gorgeous while doing it.

I could smell the smoke from their guns as they sprayed warning shots in the air.

From what I could tell, they met little resistance and No One was Hurt.


couples vintage photo shoot idea

winnipeg sexy vintage bank robbers

vintage lifestyle bonnie and clyde manitoba

After all the smoke had cleared – these Dangerous Dames – actually posed for a Bank Heist Photo.

They definitely live for the Adrenaline Rush in life – and took me along for the ride.

I could hear the wail if the Ste. Anne Police sirens in the air – as they got louder on their approach.

I was hoping I wasn’t going to be witness to a full scale SHOOT OUT with the police.


– The Getaway –


bonnie and clyde photography winnipeg

Whew! We took a few backroads and got out of there without being seen or firing a shot.

Bonnie was literally “Riding Shotgun” in the backseat with her “sawed-off friend”.


femme fatale 1930s

Looks like these gals scored the “Mother Lode” from the bank. Some Canadian Cash and even some American “Benjamins”.

They told me they had waited till the Money Bags from Winnipeg, were delivered to the bank in Ste. Anne.


girl power gangsters

female bonnie clyde impersonators

manitoba vintage lifestyle photography

They let me in on a SECRET. They were supposed to be meeting up with another group of gals and a New Get-Away Vehicle.

I took the opportunity to score some cool shots of these two Femme Fatales under the hot Manitoba sun.


summer pinup girl pose river heights

steinbach sexy female bad girls

pinup girl car trouble

It turns out that their little rendezvous with the “other gals” did not pan out.

Things got worse for these Bonnie and Clyde siblings, as their “roadster” started giving them car troubles.


– On The Run –


winnipeg bad girls on the run

They couldn’t exactly call CAA, so these Dangerous Dolls had to “hoof it” to a near by hideout.

They grabbed the essentials – namely Guns and Loot – and told me to get moving.


gun toting bonnie and clyde

We made it to their secret hideout – which turned out NOT TO BE so Secret.

They could hear the sounds of the local “Cops” on their way.

Somehow these two dames look even more gorgeous when they are “in a jackpot”.


manitoba pinup girls guns cars

They high-tailed it back to their beloved automobile to make a “Last Stand”.

They told me that if they were going to “Bite The Dust”, then it would be with their Makeup On – and – Guns A Blazing!

I really came to love these gals and their “Kick Ass” Confident attitude.


bonnie clyde mugshot manitoba

The LAW was able to capture these two Treacherous Tomatoes and put them behind bars.

I was able to sneak out a copy of their Ste. Anne Mugshot from 1950.


– Bonnie and Clyde Conclusion –


bonnie clyde wanted poster

I’ll always remember my day with these infamous celebrities…Bonnie and Claire.

They gave me a copy of one of their Wanted Posters, as a way to remember them.

This is a GREAT Example of how our Sessions are geared for EMPOWERING WOMEN!

I changed this Infamous Duo to TWO WOMEN – and the “KILLED IT!” 


– Couples Photo Sessions Info –


film noir style portrait

sexy wpg femme fatales

As you can see – my studio excels at creating Unique Custom Story-Telling sessions.

They can be Vintage Styled – like this one – or your own Modern Story.

I have numerous Props and Outfits to create many themes and ideas.





vintage group portrait

Many thanks to FOUR PEOPLE that made this photo shoot possible.

Danielle Pennings aka Michaud – playing the part of Bonnie (white blouse).

Darian Myers – playing the part of Claire (red shirt).

Chris Houston and my son William.

This was one of the WINDIEST days I have ever shot in – and these two gentlemen held on to my studio lights and modifiers while I snapped away.

This shoot took a lot of hard work, time, and effort by everyone involved – but the Final results were SPECTACULAR!

You can read all about the original Bonnie and Clyde at this LINK.

You can see a few other unique Couples Sessions at these links:     Link 1     Link 2    Link 3     Link 4

This posting is coming coincidentally at a Perfect Time…As NETFLIX has a New Bonnie and Clyde Movie coming out on March 29th.

It’s starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson. Check out the Trailer below…


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