This posting is from my latest Fitness Photography Session, but it’s also more. It’s all about my latest visitor to my studio, and how she experienced Anxiety Relief With A Fitness Photoshoot.

I should mention that I had full permission from her to post this session along with detailing her feelings and personal journey.


female boxing student steinbach photographeranxiety relief with boxing exercise

I’d like you to meet the very Lovely (both inside and out) – Kayla.

She is a hard working woman in her 20’s, and as I’m sure you can tell – she’s Extremely Fit.

I got to know Kayla fairly well over the past several months, as I first met her at our local gym – and then from our one-on-one Fitness photo shoot.

I’d seen some of her very intense workouts and talked to her about a fitness photo shoot – as I was finishing up my portfolio in this area.


female exercise manitoba photo shoot

In our conversations, Kayla shared with me some personal details as to her battle with Stress and a search for Anxiety Relief.

She related that she had been involved with Fitness for a year or so, after a suggestion from her doctor.

Kayla mentioned that she would go through life, “thinking with her stomach,” – which I could totally relate to.

I know myself, when I first went into business, I had many stomach pains from both overwork and from anxiety on an approaching photo shoot.

This “thinking with your stomach,” can cause many stomach pains and ailments and just plain adds to one’s overall stress.


confident female athlete portrait steinbach

female exercise routine beats anxiety

Now it has been well documented that Exercise and Fitness are BOTH fabulous for one’s Physical as well as Mental HEALTH.

Here are some links backing this statement:     LINK_1                    LINK_2

Kayla started an exercise program and stuck to a regular routine, making sure she made it to the gym quite often.

After a while she noticed a variety of changes in her – both Physical and Mental.

From a physical standpoint, she was stronger, leaner, and had more energy.

From a mental perspective, she began to lose the stress of Over-Thinking about everything, which meant Anxiety Relief.


winnipeg exercise model photography

sexy female fitness photographer winnipeg

Her regular exercise program provided Anxiety Relief from boosting her Mental Energy.

During her workouts, she would concentrate on each exercise and movement, thus INTERRUPTING the flow of CONSTANT WORRIES that would run through her mind.

Once she was doing this on a regular basis, her mind became more relaxed and she spent less time worrying about “stuff.”

This made for a happier person – and the cycle just feeds on itself. You Do What Makes You Happy!


battle stress with exercise So when I asked Kayla about doing a Fitness photo Shoot, she of course had some Anxiety.

Many of my clients experience some nervousness prior to a session – as it’s something new to them.

They are also putting themselves “On Display” so to speak.

To provide a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE as well as ANXIETY RELIEF, I really focus on keeping a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE and a No Pressure / No Judgement Zone.

I explained all of this to Kayla, and she agreed to be available for a Fitness Photography Session at my Home Studio.


top winnipeg fitness model photographer winnipeg

To further Relax my clients – as well as Kayla – I spend time either on the phone, or in person, discussing the session.

I went over the image workflow and my ideas – so that their were No Surprises and she Approved of Everything.

I feel a Client that is well informed, and has a “SAY” in her session, means a Client who is in a Positive frame of mind for her shoot.

This translates into MUCH BETTER Images.


gym pose manitoba woman

Kayla told me that she really wanted to SMASH her WORRIES and ELEVATE her Anxiety Relief by “Stepping Out” to do this photo shoot.

It was more then a photo shoot for her. This was a way of reaching a GOAL – and FEELING POSITIVE about Herself.

She said she had NEVER DONE a photo shoot before, so she knew she would have some anxiety.

But She wanted to PROVE TO HERSELF – that she could DO IT.

Well Folks – I am here to tell you – SHE NAILED IT!


anxiety relief exercise model

female abs muscles beauty

Once Kayla was finished with her photo shoot, she mentioned that she felt this feeling of Exhilaration.

That “Yeah I Just Did This” kind of feeling. It Boosted her Confidence as she showcased her GIRL-POWER!

I started out this session looking for a Fitness Model for my portfolio – but ended up with a wonderful surprise.

Meeting a Fabulous Person – and – being part of Kayla’s Positive Journey toward Anxiety Relief and Positive Vibes.


female bench press pose

bench press relieves stress

As you can see I photographed many of these images in two perspectives.

A longer shot to see the whole physical form, and then a tight cropping to emphasize the amazing muscle tone of Kayla.

The Close-Ups provide an increased Intensity to the images – similar to Boudoir Images.


manitoba boxing champ woman

proper knee strike form


Consider a Personal photo shoot with me. Fitness – Pinup – Boudoir and more.

For Most People, Stepping Out of your COMFORT ZONE may cause some anxiety.

This will change to feelings of EXCITEMENT as you plan your session with me.

The day of the shoot usually begins with some nervousness – but with my proven guidance and relaxed manner – you will become a STAR!


athlete sports training photography wpg

athlete exercise stress relief

I was especially thrilled to hear back from Kayla after our shoot.

She posted an Instagram image of a Selfie, just prior to coming to my studio.

She then PROUDLY mentioned how “this bundle of nerves” just did her First photo shoot.

It’s always extra special for me, if I can Succeed in giving my Clients and Models a Positive Empowering Experience.


wpg sexy locker room athlete

stress relief fitness portrait

I finished off the session just like Kayla would finish her workout.

She would normally pop back into the locker room – which is what we did.

I created a mini Locker Room in my studio and then had her pose with some dramatic lighting.

Her athletic form is perfectly showcased in this image.


sexy winnipeg sports photography

It was definitely a great pleasure to photograph Kayla and have her part of my Fitness Portfolio.

It was even better to be able to Connect with her on a Personal Level.

I was thrilled she felt COMFORTABLE enough to SHARE her thoughts on this journey of Anxiety Relief via Fitness photo Shoot.

If you have extreme feelings of anxiety or stress – you should always check with your physician.


athlete female poster photographer

As my GIFT to KAYLA – I put her in a Special “Kick-Ass” Fight Poster.

Her “fight name” is appropriately – THE INSPIRATION!

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